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Friday, 9 April 2010

Se7en Deadly Grinds (Mincing Fury and Guttural Clamour of Queer Decay, 7 (2007)

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After reviewing Spineless Fuckers here, Reef got in touch with me (the first band to do so)and sent me links to his other band which is quite a handful to say, but here it goes Mincing Fury and Guttural Clamour of Queer Decay. From my understanding, the band could not decide on a name, so they chose to merge all their names.Anyway I got consensually a digital copy of their albums, and today I decided after being away from the internet for a few days to listen to and then review their album 7. Being the musical fascist I am, I have   the expectation that it will be of better or equal quality to Reef's other band Spineless Fuckers, I was not disappointed.
This album is named after a great film of the same title, Seven or Se7en (depends where you live), in fact in a interview I read M.F&GCOQD were asked to do a song for it, I don't know if they ever did, or whether it was joke(I Can't find the link for now but will look again). Like Spineless Fuckers this release has an emphasis on the weird, in fact like most Czech Grindcore bands, weirdness is prevalent throughout. By using the adjective weird, I am not applying it in the negative connotation, but in the positive. A mishmash of unique, creative, catchy and addictive, is what I mean by weird. This release in general is more of what I would call death metal infused with elements of goregrind and what for now I will call the Czech element. Those of you who listen to Jig Ai, Pigsty, Spineless Fuckers and Negligent Collateral Collapse, may understand what I mean by the Czech element, or perhaps I'm just imaging that their is a common unique thread in which case I blame long term alcohol abuse.
The opening track opens up with a excerpt from 7 talking about the 7 deadly sins, and then we are knocked off our feet with the most savage assault, of killer vocals, explosive drumming and sonic piercing guitars, in addition to this standard grindcore setup we have an additional 2 vocalists, and a Horn player (I hope I have read that write). You have a nice range of vocals, well you would expect so with 3 vocalist's wouldn't you, if any of you know Colombian Metal heads Phalagore, their whistle type of vocals appear in the earlier tracks of this release. On a side note, despite what the name suggests I don't believe there is any level of Mincecore in the release, however don't worry, It is still Grindcore.
My favourite tracks of this release is Eat your Soul (Eye for Eye II) and Sea of Weakness. Eat your Soul  starting with some sort of Mexican/ Hispanic intro streamed in with the rolling drum beat, and after a second of silence the Grindcore kicks in with full throttle, with a systematic use of choruses and verses, only to have at the end a proper old school metal solo play alongside a furious uproar of Gore infused death metal. Sea of weakness also plays heavily on the metal genre standardised guitars, but still retains it's psychotic grind.
The musical ability of this band is really good, the range of vocals prevent the release from ever sounding stale, alongside the upbeat diversified drumming, they have a good thing going. The guitarists are in the backdrop 90% of the time, putting  a well deserved emphasise on the vocals and drumming. However would like it if in a few songs they would shift the forte to the guitaring, this way they would display how skilled they are at all the instruments, but other than these I have no qualms with the release.
This release is definitely of the highest order, If you like your whacky psycho mental Grindcore or Death metal releases than this certainly has it all. They are not afraid to innovate and pull of to a high degree of professionalism their new elements and those firmly established in the genre. A must have for all true fans.
Rating: 84/100