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Tuesday, 16 February 2010


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After much deliberation, I have decided to set up my own blog to add my knowledge and opinions to the infinite knowledge pool of the internet. I intend to use this blog as a means of reviewing Artists and Albums from the extreme metal scene namely: grindcore and death metal, but not restricted to these genres. I must emphasise that unlike many of the blogs circulating, I will not be posting links to copyrighted material, this blog is strictly a review blog. However if any bands wish me to review their music and also desire a public link to their music, then in that scenario I am more than happy to post a link.

As will become apparent to you the reader, I am a terrible speller and often neglect to use the spell-checker, in addition to my poor literacy ability or perhaps rather ignorance, I am also new to the blogging environment, and will most likely lack any of the swish new features and fantastic aesthetics that I see all the time in blogs. On the other hand, I do intend to take great interest in my blog, and learn the ways of "blogging" to ensure it is for the end reader a thorughly enjoyable experience.

You can feel free to send me questions, and if they are worthy of being published than I shall, but don't ask ridiculous things and personal things, remember this is a music blog not a facebook or myspace. As touched on earlier if you are in a band, then you can ask me to review your music, if you are not in a band, but wish me to review a specific artist/album then I will be happy to if the material is in my collection or obtainable for review in a legitimate manner, but just remember common courtesy costs nothing but can get you a long way.

As for my musical inspirations I would say that in my pre teens sadly limp bizkit was the one to break me into the metal genre(I am aware he is not metal, but his track Take a look around is definatley a song you can mosh to), once a die hard metal fan, I have just progressed from genre to genre, admittedly at the time I scarcely understood the nature and significance of a genre, but in hindsight my musical migratory patterns were well defined by genre. It is then from about the age of 15 I became an adamant death metal fan, but still had old thrashers Slayer as my staple musical intake and still do. Since then I have got into heavier and heavier death metal leading me to brutal death metal then eventually to deathgrind which introduced me to grindcore. And what a God send that was, grindcore has been in my life since then and has inspired to write the many wonderful things about it in the future.

Obviously my inspiration to write a blog comes predominantly from the fact that I love music and am highly opinionated, but Blogs like Ask Earache, Grind and Punishment to name a few have triggered me to write my own, in my own stylistic manner. Well enough about me and the rules, its starting to look more like a dissertation of music in my life than a friendly review, so I bid you all farewell although the likelihood is you will read my next posts before your read this post, so I leave you all with a wonderful video to grind the day away (although I will be posting my first review in a few hours)