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Saturday, 28 August 2010

WTF (Bill Shatenerrr, You put the Round Burger on the Square Wonderbread, 2010)

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After a long period of seclusion from the social side of the internet it is quite evident that after such a period of time when one returns to it, normality does not ensue, and previous customs are ignored. I used to have self imposed rule not to review any releases that were pathetic in every which way possible, I have decided in the interest of public safety to issue the following review.

This release only fits into the collective noun of "music" by virtue of the fact that instruments are present, although whether the users of the instruments have infact ever learnt to play the  instrument is something that is yet to be showcased. With its only redeeming feature being that fact that it is free, this release certainly knows how to aggravate me to the extent of considering going to Manchester and physically lambaste those responsible for putting me through 6 minutes of hair pulling  phonic abuse.
Lets start off with the easy stuff, with a title of Bill Shatnerrr, with an addittion of a 2 added R's and a  switch of his first name with that of one of its derivatives, and an album title of You put the Round Burger on the Square Wonderbread.  I fail to see what the purpose of such titles are, other than being a form of detestable expression of individuality that is as equally annoying as it is absurd, and the same can be said for the music.
Thank God or any other deity you worship if any, that this release isn't Grindcore nor Death Metal as it would of tarnished greatly one of the loves of my life. This is some form of moronic experimental powerviolence/punk, or to quote themselves Biscuitcore, which once again highlights the point their attempt to be individual and possibly innovative has reached a point of grossly ill-conceived absurdity. Within their song structure we can melt it down to three separate blocks. The music is amassed with crazy unharmonias riffs, and when I say crazy I mean it in the same context as applying to describe people who believe they are lemons, these riffs are the worst part of the songs and sound like a funkadelic cat in distress, and the high pitch of them only adds to the misery of the listener. The second elements of the songs are the breakdowns, which although I must confess do not always appeal to me, are weak and fuzzy and general so boring you had no idea it was occuring. Lastly we have the occasional more coherent and conventional guitaring which is often short lived, and just aswell given how mundane and poorly it is played out,. Drumming is also a great source of monotony with a drummer who only seems to be capable of playing the same beat at various speeds, and with his cymbal being akin to that of a dripping tap.
I cant believe people actually come up with this sort of stuff and then thing it is ok to share with other people, its well established that t if you do a shit you certainly don't begin to promote and distribute it amongst other people.  I felt ashamed to have even played it and further shame to think that they are from England aswell, and looking at their myspace they have to date 898 friends which I find surprising, but at the same time not as it supports my proposal to reintroduce survival of the fittest into society, as clearly only those with equal brain processing power to that of a goldfish would ever wish to be associated with such brainless and irritable collection of noises. Feel free to check them out and write a similar rant, however you have been strongly warned.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Technophobia (Phobia/Gadget Split, 2010)

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Gadget take hold of the first 7 tracks, and although the first track Torture starts off a tad slow for my liking after about 43 seconds we become reacquainted with the Gadget we last saw back 4 years ago. Now perhaps it is just me or is Slayer the new "thing" for Grindcore bands, on the second track right at the end, and at the beginning of the 5th  I spotted a cheeky Kerry King like interjection, which was nice given my love of Slayer, but was somewhat of a surprise, and have noticed it quite a bit this year amongst the newer releases. Gadget insist to start most songs of slowly, then after an indiscriminate amount of time, they release their grind and then to tone it down, up to the point of a moments silence, although this gives a more mellowed and approachable feel to it, this repetitive stop start approach doesn't please me, and would of greatly preferred if it was a non stop battery of some very progressive and enjoyable Grindcore. The guitar work as prior releases is excellent, and the same can be said with the drumming, giving a desirable technical vibe to it with the technical moments  highlighted more so with the ever present primitive screams and shouts. The Gadget half is some stupendous Grind, with plenty of examples of creativity and professionalism that reflect their dexterous nature, but their constant stalling sadly fails to fully immerse the listener 100% into it, and leaves it closer to 90% mark.

Opening upon with foul mouthed title Dick Head Life, we are greeted with a scream, a rampant drum beat and a punch in the face, and such ferocity carries on until the end of their 10 minute 20 second siege upon the listener. Although I have never claimed to be able to decipher the groans of the punkish vocals of Shane Mclachlan, every so often I would catch a snippet of a string of crude words such as "Human Error", and it seems rewarding to have finally understood something from his Neanderthal grunts and hollers. Drumming and vocals are the defining elements, of this split, and they work together intrinsically to bestow a crustcore charge, whilst the guitaring gives a depth to the release and aside from some occasional somewhat above satisfactory metal injections, has no prominence, nor is it needed.

Phobia's tracks are a rag tag collection of pissed off, hate-fuelled crusty aggression, a perfect accompaniment to thesprightly and clean shaven approach of Gadget's nimble coordinated defilement. A release highly worthy of recognition.


Friday, 13 August 2010

I Did This to You (Gigantic Brain, They Did This To Me 2010)

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With his DIY keyboard and photoshop ethic, Gigantic Brain has brought an innovative and well received sci-fi feel to what is quite an exclusive and conservative genre, his first release the  Invasion Discography earnt his shot at the title amongst the "frequently played" list among many a fan of the genre. With each following release, the fast relentless drum trigger happy wacko Grind has been slowly been superseded with a more ambient touch, which has overall given it a far more cosmos feel,yet reactions have been mixed and tend to lye at extremities with no one finding it average. And here before us free for all you homosapien's to enjoy is his latest episode;They Did This to Me.
Opening up with a synthesised 70s styled electric voice, the first track Heaven appears at first glance to be some electro-ambient traverse sound, only to have it  torn up with a metal build up, which exits at gracefully at its peak. The second track Father is certainly what I was looking forward to, starting in an old fashioned drum assault and its alien styled vocals the Grind dies down and serenades in, an ambient milieu .
Gigantic Brain sticks to this blueprint, offering a nice variation of Grinding moments, and a collection of atmospheric ones, with a strong use of volume control to show the contrast between the two. The drumming has been slowed down a bit, and the grind moments have been elongated to last longer than the traditional 5 second blast, however with the elongation Gigantic Brain  is able to input a more industrious and resolute sound.
As always the space feel to it is ever present, and is exemplified greater in this album than in any other release to date,  however his promise of "taking Grindcore to the Stars" is perhaps no longer applicable. The moments of Grindcore are too few and too far between, and neglecting that cut throat ferocity and bizarreness that made his name in the first place, one could say that perhaps the Grindcore moments have also become somewhat standardised. The song Birds has that boy bandish feel to it with its acoustic guitaring and emotional murmuring, and was a great disappointment to me as it seemed so incongruous, no universe feel what so ever aside from a small rare background alienish interjection, and the following and penultimate track was a disappointment also, and although the final track was good, it couldn't quite counter my embittered left to me after the previous two songs.
Despite a general negative nature of the article, I still have no regrets listening to They Did This to Me, the majority of it was delightful to listen to, although I would of preferred more Grinding madness to it. Overall I would say that he perhaps is a victim of his ultra DIY ethic, had he stuck to his amazing keyboard work, scary alien vocals and insane machine drum beats and even his encapsulating ambient feel, this release could of easily been on my top list, however I feel his experimentation especially with guitars and vocals has been a great detriment to the overall feel of the album. It perhaps would of been best left as E.P instead of an album, some tracks are of excellent quality, and others of questionable nature and had They Did This to Me been refined to the better ones, I am certain that it would of been another solid release to add to his name, yet I hear on the internet that this is to be his last release, and this saddens me seeing that his music is by far some of the most creative out there.


Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Jesus Loves Mcdonalds (Assück, Misery Index 1996)

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With a band name of Assück, one can easily distinguish whether or not a person of unknown musical orientation is a grindcore fan or not. People who have not been gifted or discovered the sweet musical nectar of Grindcore will most likely laugh at such a name and make some sexual joke, whereas a Grindcore fan will either nod their head in approval or engage in an  in depth educated discussion on how Assück's lyrics on the subject of consumer culture and capital dependency reflect a quasi-neo-marxist-anarchist discourse.

Stemming from Saint Petersburg, Florida; Misery Index was the last release from these old school east coast grinders and one of Grindcore's most pivotal albums and its legacy may be seen still today in one of Death Grinds biggest names, whose legacy is not only titular, but lyrical and perhaps even by extension drumming as well .From the beginning  Assück have been brandishing a  series of well contrived academic like lyrics to justify their stance as Anarcho-Grind, a break from the saturation of the Punk with its "I'm more punk than you" attitude which ruined what was a respectable scene.
With drummer Rob Proctor fresh off his role as Discordance Axis tour drummer for Japan 95, Assück were set to break free from their 3 years of no new material phase, and bring forth the most lyrically profound and best produced material to date. Unlike most bands who religiously play at break neck speeds, Assück made use of heavy deceleration and acceleration, to give there songs an unforgettable dynamic. The most recognisable and beloved trait of the album by far is the blast beating;, standing right in the foreground Mr.Proctor's dexterous technicality on the drums is showcased, and it's primitive and bitter nature is a fantastic accomplishment, which has rarely been pulled off since.
Guitar work is dark and down tuned,and with  low pitch bellow vocals it gives the music that bleak feel to it, worthy of a title of Misery Index which aside from being a snazzy title is in fact an official statistical measure of the unemployment rate combined with that of the interest(read here).
There is only one complaint I can raise against this near infallible album, and that is how short it is, it clocks in at just over 15 minutes, just over the album mark. It will leave the listener yearning for more and more, but no more is forthcoming, although to play devils advocate; it may be argued that a sign of good quality is a demand for more, and quality this release has in great abundance.
Misery Index gave blast beat filled hope to grindcore scene in the mid 90's, whose founding fathers had either dissolved or had undergone an alternate routes,which had put the genre on life support.
Altogether Misery Index has an amazing roster of ingredients; blast beats galore, political discourse worthy of its own following, down tuned down tempo guitars and a long lasting far reaching legacy.


Friday, 6 August 2010

Victim of the Blogger

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So what do you folks think of the new layout? I decided on the spur of the moment that the blog needed a more professional feel to it, instead of a makeshift rag tag assembly. Unfortunately my knowledge of html, java and css is near null so this has been a hair tearing experience, however in its completion it has induced me in a euphoric joy. The task has been greatly slowed down by the fact that I am using a public internet connection which probably every block near me is using, luckily I only have to put up with the cons of bad internet for two weeks and good polish beer easily compensates for such a predisposition. Among some of the new features are as listed:
  • The home page will only display a small segment of the 7 latest articles with a thumbnail of the first picture, all in chronological order, either click the article title or the read more button to bring up the entire article.
  • Complete Aesthetic redesign, it is pretty much a collection of numerous blogs coding and material, which I have then changed the colour of to black, I feel it looks much nicer than before.
  • The recommended post service provided by Outbrain, will now display a thumbnail of a picture of the article, hopefully pictures will incentive people to read more articles instead of dull text.
  • I now have a sharing button, on the homepage it is the standard blogger buzz this, email this etc, however when you enter a post there should more of a selection and laid out more presentable.
  •  The search feature now should present my blog and those on the fellow bloggers widget as the top results then generic google results however it doesn't seem to be functioning now, although I got it to work on my test run, strange hopefully will be sorted.
  • One click away from seeing the posts as rss then subscribing to them.
However now I have created a list of problems, so if any of you are any good at this sort of stuff get in contact with me internecide@gmail.com

  • Static Pages always say read more, when you click on read more it does not display the whole thing, as such static pages are temporarily disabled, I have tried all the fixes on the net but none seem to work, probably doing it wrong.
  • The search bar is kaput 
  • The comment system is way at the bottom of the page after the recommendations, and the share this options, I would like to bump it up above both.
  • Opera browser still has comparability issues nothing new, but a shame otherwise I would use it.
  • So far this it, however any problems either leave a comment or email me @ internecide@gmail.com
Thanks for bearing with me and sorry for not posting, but tinkering instead, however enjoy this video


Thursday, 5 August 2010

Secondary Spewings of a Fukpig (Fukpig, Belief is the Death of Intelligence 2010)

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Fukpigs debut album Spewings of a Selfish Nation discharged a foul and unique machination of noise, polluting  2009 with its crusty blackened grind and leaving the likes of me anxious for yet another instalment of this morbid and hateful music. To my joy and to the detest of those within 100 metres of me, I sit here blasting out Belief is the Death of Intelligence and am loving every moment of it.

These Brummie Grinders have kept religiously to the form of its predecessor to once again unleash a fistful of abhorrence and rage. In the year past we can see that Fukpig  have not sat by idyll, but have been hard at work refining their dirty ungodly sound.
All lyrics are saturated with profanity and other forms of vile language and this colourful language is coupled with a strong rhetoric which reflects a strong disgust to certain features of our socio-political westernised society, a commendable throwback to the glory days of pre 90's crust-grind.Thrice on the album you get the lyrical and titular punk overkill with the likes of All of you are cunts and I hope you fucking die being perhaps the best example, it pretty is much an example of a lack of creativity and intelligence in Punk, however I am certain Fukpig have done this to give it a more complete Punk feeling, which it does very well and reinforces the whole 100% hatred approach.
Fukpig have adopted more metal customs, not just those specific to black metal ,but those that belong to metal on the whole and not to any specific genre, I did notice a guitar solo on One Nation Under One Eye which heavily reminded me of one of my all time favourite bands Slayer and it is great to see Fukpig bring in more metal to the music without harming the overall ultra crusty as hell feel to it. The vocals are still raw beyond belief and to use a saying from E.N.T the vocals may be seen as "Punker than Punk", just visualise (can you visualise for sound?) the harshest punk vocals you can name, now lets add in the region of 1000 tonnes of Semtex, testosterone and steroids, and this should take us about half way to the crude bedlam of Drunks vocals, seriously his vocals alone are worth getting hold of this album let alone all the other amazing features.
True to Fukpigs infamous slogan "There's only two beats; the blast and the D" you can expect to hear exactly that as Miggs percussion onslaught batters you across all 4 walls of the room you occupy. I can't say that black metal has ever appealed to myself, but Misery and Miggs black metal riffage is a perfect compliment to the crust factor and creates a sound more harsh and brutish than each respective genre. An occasion operatic chime gives a sense of impending doom, only to have a foul mouthed scream to be spat out, with an disharmonious accompaniment  of gritty guitaring and dirty drumming, and this pretty much is how Fukpig execute their music throughout the entirety of the album.
Fukpig  have yet again shown to the world that their bastard breed of Crusty Black Grind is not only an amazing combination, but is greatly more filthy and vulgar than its non so angelic parents. Belief is the Death of Intelligence is ram packed with more hatred, more noise, more punk and more metal than its predecessor and is worthy of being its successor.


Sunday, 1 August 2010

Aus Deutschland Mit Apologies

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Sorry for not posting in a while however I have been busy travelling through Europe whilst looking after a baby sister, packing etc. However my loyal viewers are not forgotten and rest assured things will go back into full swing, on my return from Poland I will hopefully have a nice little addition to my music collection which will form the subject matter of my next reviews, however in the mean time although very late this should stir plenty of excitement.