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Monday, 15 March 2010

Hell is Empty and the Horror is Here!

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The Kenny Brothers must have extreme music in their genetic code, it is just amazing in how many top rate bands, and playing a array of instruments to a high degree can be achieved by the same source of heritage, yet again they make me proud to be British. Whoever said family and business can't go together, clearly did not embrace the horror of FUKPIG!!
To those who are still pondering  as to the title it is a play on words from Nathrakhs Hell is Empty and all the Devils are Here and the track by Fukpig the Horror is Here.

The Review
Spewings from a Selfish Nation, just sounds raw before you even begin listening to it, its got one of those typical sort of Political-Punk or Agathocles styled titles, and if you put that alongside the band name of Fukpig you can already tell that this is going to be a savagely cruel album.
I have never really been into the punk scene, and only within the last year I have learnt its importance on the grindcore and metalcore scene, and when I first saw this album labelled as Crust Punk infused with Black metal, this forced me to research the finer points and history of punk.
Opening up with an operatic chime with that lightly static radio interference, then the guitars slowly dredge their way through, with a standardised but prelevant drumbeat then come in this harsh vocals, the first 40 seconds pretty much set the tone for the rest of the album: this grim desolation has taken musical form.
This album is just cruel and dissonant all the way through, much like Anaal Nathrakh, Fukpig create this truly grimmoire outlook, but they have opted for a different take on this Weltschmerz than their other bands. To my understanding Anaal Nathrakh opt for a more moralistic and rational argument as to painting this barren world, Fukpig go for this more current affairs aproach with song titles like: As the Bomb Falls, Mother Nature's Tears and Millions Dyings, they really capture my understanding of the political punk scene, which seems to be a source of nostalgia for the mass of punk wannabes and counter conformists.
I seem to be talking alot about the Punk element of the band, by doing so I have greatly neglected to mention the intricate Black Metal elements that are melted in. Crust Punk + Black Metal  Absurd Combo that will never take off, this rudimentary attempt of implementing mathematics into Music is a very good diagram to summarise my next few sentences.
Fukpig take the high level of politisation and aggression of punk and add a layer of black metal to add this sense of impending doom, and they do it very well. I would of never of considered that fusing of these genres was possible, however as we have now learnt it has been, and very well at that. I don't think we can expect too many more crusty black metal hybrids, I am pretty sure that Fukpig has pretty much taken all that's good from the fusion, leaving only the dregs.
The guitars and bass have this sort of sluggish down tuned despair in them, that sort of conjures up pictures of soldiers slowly dragging themselves through a mass of mud and shrapnel as all around them death and misery pollutes the surroundings. The drums are pretty standardised, but at times add to that much needed break in Fukpigs agenda which may just start to get a bit samey but the drums rescue it. However it is the vocals that are definitely extremely praise worthy  , they are the sort of things that give kids nightmares and really give that global distress a voice.
Songs worthy of praise, not to be confused with songs of praise are As Millions Suffer, and Caught Out, the first one adds in a kick ass metal guitaring and the latter just really epitomises the whole essence that is Fukpig.
To conclude Fukpig are the more politically active cousins of Anaal Nathrakh, but share that same dominant morbid depressive gene on the outlook of humanity. Fukpig goes on a relentless audio barrage to show all the injustice and problems in this World.

Rating: 90/100