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Friday, 12 March 2010

And now for something less serious: French splattering neo-death grind pop metal fun....???????????

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I know what you guys are thinking, how absurd it is to use a whole eight genres to describe a band, however I can safely say that I never assigned the band this tag, this tag is a copy and paste job from the bands website, now I know again what you are thinking: who the hell are crazy enough to sound like that? well the answer is ULTRA VOMIT!(A clue was in the banner above) Once you have finished pondering on what that would sound like, or how it is even possible, then feel free to read the rest of the review.

Band Info
Ultra Vomit are absolutely phenomenal, everything they play and do is a parody of music and modern life, although not the first nor the last band to do so, they do it with such a high level of perfection and maintain a high level of professionalism throughout. They are often tagged and describe themselves as grindcore, I am not entirely sure whether this is an accurate description or not, they certainly play some sort of metal with grind elements, however I personally feel that grindcore may be an incorrect tag, with the exception of a few songs. However I must add, the album I am about to review is the only main material by them I have heard, and will come into possession of more material.  The way I prefer to classify Ultra Vomit are a insider joke for those who are versed in the metal genres, parodying everything from Motorhead, Slipknot and Immortal. They just play the stylistic traits of the said bands perfectly and the whole time, make a parody through the lyrics and stylistic shifts, an absolutely phenomenon.

The Review
Like mentioned in the Band Info section, I am not even sure if this album fits into any genre between death metal and Grindcore, although it parodies death metaller veterans Cannibal Corpse, Infact you can't even fit this album into any neat genre category as they just parody most forms of metal. Of the self assigned title of French splattering neo-death grind pop metal fun, the only one which must be emphasised and is 100% correct is the tag fun. This album is just fun to listen to from start to finish, it is sort of a catalogue of all metal parodies from metal pop to bordering grindcore/hardcore punk. Even if you are not a fan of other metal genres you will love this album, it has that quirkiness about it that everybody loves. The only problem with this album, is that all lyrics are sang or in some cases shouted: in French. This is quite a vulgar Anglo-centric comment to blurt out, however I will elaborate,because the lyrics are in French and not English this album has failed to hit the mainstream as well as it could of, and sadly has only retained a cult underground following and not the full recognition it deserves.

I personally like the fact that it is all in French, it makes me think back to my pre and early teens, sitting in all those French lessons and attempt to use my rudimentary French linguistic knowledge to decipher the lyrics of the band. About 30 minutes prior to writing this particular section, I showed my house mate who has a very good grasp of French some videos of the band, the fact he was laughing all the time, has convinced me in a paranoid round about way that there is another joke in the lyrics that I have not bothered to look up, thus fuelling me to relisten to this album, in an attempt to find the joke.
The instruments are all perfect, whatever genre or band they attempt to parody they sound exactly like how the band sound, occasionally they add in a comical twist in the musical playing, so they don't sound 100% exactly like the band, but it is done on purpose to add even more humour to the already hilarious songs. There are two vocalists one main and one support, it is amazing how they sing. Its not like anything impossible, it just the level of diversity , when they scream, they sound like a heavier metal band, when they sing they sound like exactly how these pop rock bands sound like, they even at particular songs convincingly sound like a French Lemmy and even a French Michael Jackson!!!
A thing that I absolutely love, and sadly a dying trend is amazing art work, and the art work for this release is just so hilarious, as pictured far above, it depicts the band members in some Tolkien fantasy, using their instruments as weapons, already from the front cover alone you can tell this album is going to be filled with laughs.
Not only do Ultra Vomit play metal amazingly well, and parody the stylistic habits of the particular artists and genres, they chuck in their heritage in the songs. Featuring tales from French Folklore and French Children's bed time stories and even dedicate a song to the one and only Jack Chirac.
Objective Thunes is not heavy nor is it "brutal", but it just is an absolute laugh to have, it will never bore you and is one of those must haves for any true metal head.
Grind Out.