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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Yet Another Tribute to Nasum

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Currently I am going through a Nasumesque phase in my musical diet, now when I say Nasumesque I mean I am listening to everything similair to Nasum but Nasum: Is it a sad thing that I listen to the copycats and tribute acts more than the original? Well whatever your opinion, it is of little Importance since this tribute album makes up for any bad press about tributes.
Released by Power-It-Up, who I am guilty of not realising existed until today, and what a mistake that was the Grindcore artists on the label are all top rate and some of the releases I seem to have in my collection, but in my blissful ignorance did not pay attention to what label released the material. I will certainly be paying more attention from now on as to who releases what.
This grindcore masterpiece features 53 tracks by 53 artists, with no artist playing the same track as another artist. The artist list is pretty much of who's who in the top 100 grindcore artists, even the artists who I have not heard of play with such great ability that I am determined to research them some more and hear more music. This is one of the few albums where you can listen to every single track, and you honestly cant fault any single of the tracks with the possible exception with the final song, given that it is not a song  but merely a 4 second grind bullet. The thing that makes this album amazing is the way everyone has a unique take on playing their songs, although the common factor is that the songs are Nasum based, they manage to warp the songs into their own playing style thus producing Nasum songs but which are goregrind, death metal and powerviolence, yet the Nasum factor is always present and never seems to be compromised. The album art is itself a more perverse and evil take on the legendary Grind Finale album pictured above to the left. Unlike my other reviews I can not review the musicianship of the album, as literally with every track there is a massive shift in stylistic and manner of play. Of the bands I have never heard of  which deserve mention are Keitzer, it may be that they got the luck of the draw for having to play one of Nasum's better songs , but in any case they pull it off perfectly, I prefer it to the  original which says alot since the original is one of my favourite songs.  At a personal level, it was heart warming to hear creative waste again, it must of been 5 years since I heard them and I loved it then, but never acquired any of their material but hearing them on here in full force is enough for me to get some of their material.
To conclude this album is a must have for any grindcore fan it is just sheer talent and everything good in grindcore compressed into 68 minutes. All the artists are top knotch and succeed at moulding great tracks into their own projects without sacrificing any of the quality of the original.
Grind Out!
Label's Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/poweritupofficial
Discogs entry: http://www.discogs.com/Various-A-Tribute-To-Nasum/release/2042541
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