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Monday, 8 March 2010

Site Revamp!

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Hello fellow readers, for those of you who have been on the site before you may notice now that it has been totally revamped. Just as I promised in my very first post here, I will continually Strive to make my blog as good as I can, some of the new features are as follows:

Label Sphere: This label sphere has replaced my previous one with a more customizable and preferable one it may found here, and is highly recommended.
Labels: A exhaustive list of all my labels and with a counter on them to identify how many times each has appeared, labels such as post # have been removed, to make it more aesthetic and compact.
Google Chat: I Have added the Google Chat feature, This website is not only here to read reviews, it is to meet like minded people. If you have any queries, requests or just want to chat then feel free to do so!
Comments: I have coded in the Intense Debate commenting feature, I am not sure whether this restricts those without an Intense Debate account, however after looking through the features I thought this was a must have for my blog not only because of functionality but also because of aesthetics.
Layout: I have taken the granite layout option which can be downloaded here, although fellow bloggers I suggest you look through the whole selection the website has to offer at My Template Box.
Starring System: I took the starring system from Outbrain, and am very impressed with it, feel free from now on to leave comments and rate my reviews.

On the whole all these features where not too hard to install, and I am very grateful that people have posted how to implement them, thus saving me hours of time wasted on attempting to do so single handedly. I still intend to integrate many other features into my blogs. Firstly I would love to have a chat box, that way people can leave generalised comments, I will also be creating a gadget which has links to other blogs and websites (email/message/comment me any sites you wish me to include), The most important feature I wish to do which I have already started although possibly may scrap is a banner, something aesthetic which people can identify with this site. Another feature is a icon in the far left of the address bar, although this will also require a fair amount of thought. A Button to show that this blog now produces RSS feeds and Atom feeds. A search bar also. Well for now I leave you readers as I plan my Uni work and next album review which if you are lucky may be tonight.