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Monday, 31 January 2011

Grant Ou Cher a Listen (Gran Toucher)

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You guessed wrong folks, this wont be about any emperor's new clothes popular singer, it's about an underground UK band that hail from the middle of nowhere.
Being stuck in Exeter can't be easy for those wanting to grind, so I consider it a kind of duty to gather whatever attention this article may generate and deposit it all over GRAN TOUCHER.

The band don't have much music available at the minute (some myspace demo type stuff is up) but before you all go straight to the comments in order that I might be lambasted for daring to feature such new music let it be in mind how DIY I am, (much more than you) and to me last week is ten years ago and tomorrow is next year. YEAH. or do I mean....

Anyway the point is GT recently posted up a pretty promising video of a gig in Camborne (That's in Cornwall. Seriously a grind band played in Cornwall. Cornwall is like 5 hours drive SOUTH of here) wherein the comedy west country plebbing about that opens the vid gives way to some rather nice Power Violence stuff- lots of blasts and some quite choice slow bits so we might obtain the state known as mosh.

ABOVE: I'm a cider drinker, I drinks me cider all day etc etc

This more PV influenced sound is good, beats the deathier stuff the band have on offer via social networking by a long way, and should be putting them a bit ahead of the curve- in their area I gather the dominant sound is still the kind of lifeless and played-out DM everyone was doing 5 years ago- The vocal style has also developed, more embittered with hate or perhaps just more distorted due to camera microphones being overdriven. Either way I prefer cheap live recordings to cheap demos any day of the week so it's double thumbs up girlfriend.
Hopefully all this effort might amount to GT being able to access some quality support slots sometime soon.

Until then you will all just have to watch this distorted-ass video: You may want to skip it on a bit if you can't deal with the beauty of the wes cunry accent- but that would qualify you as a clown now wouldn't it...

Have a myspace

Pour your disdain for me into the comments section, below.


Thursday, 27 January 2011

Raw and Violent Ornaments (コケシドール, コケシズム, 2003)

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Once upon a time, I had a good friend and band member named Joshua. He used to huff paint and write lyrics in his room all day long, plotting his next scheme to get his hands on a bottle of Vodka and some Turkish Royals. Well involved and informed of the Japanese Punk scene, he showed me a few different 80's J-Punk bands and my love for all things Japanese had skyrocketed. One day I was at his house and I noticed he was playing this record. It ruled hard, I couldn't believe the intensity and violent atmosphere that suddenly dominated the room. He saw that I took an extreme interest in what was playing and just stated: "Kokeshidoll"

Kokeshism is the name of the record and as funny as the concept is that this band is named after an adorable little figurine, Kokeshidoll's music has enough audible strength to decimate a suburban neighborhood to mere rubble. This is 100% unrelenting Hardcore Punk, true to the Japanese way. Vocals are perfect and just what I come to expect from Punk, true to the genre and gets the message across in the Japanese language which is far better to listen to then if it were shouted in English. The riffs are really catchy and a lot of breakthrough parts and random solos are added in for variety and they really do fulfill their purpose. There's bass in there somewhere but through all the loud feedback and loud playing of the other instruments I cannot hear it, so I cannot really comment on that aspect. The drums are delectable, I love the way they are recorded and the snare is perfect for this record, something I am very picky about when it comes to music. The raw and filthy production really makes this record however, simply because its raw enough to get the full effect but isn't annoyingly shitty quality. Kokeshidoll definitely are not innovating in any means and they aren't supposed to be. This record alone in my opinion demolishes any Punk Sweden has ever released, in fact I strongly believe that the Swedish punk scene is highly overrated. Whether you call them Kokeshidoll, コケシドール, or just Cute Little Ornament, I think we can all agree that this record is what J-Punk should be. As for Josh? I think he died of drug overdose. Am I the only one that thinks this album cover is amazing?


100th post and the Grinders Digital Bible

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Grind and Punishment
Not only is this blog the inspiration for our humble origins, but by far the greatest source of Grinding Authority out there. This is the place to get your inner grind nerd stimulated big time, the man knows it all, and is able to convey in  a way that is both humorous and informative. Not to mention the cult community surrounding it, always add layers of depth and alternate perspectives to an already well fashioned point.

Ask Earache
Earache aren't everyone's favourite label, but no one can deny the fantastic legacy in their wake, this site answers your questions from Digsby Pearson himself, no bullshit straight up the hard truths about the scene and the record industry. An absolute treasure trove of information both current and from its crowning glory days.

When the realms of irrational tastes and rational discourse collide, you get something very unique, these part grinders and part other tastes bring to you only the best releases in Grind complete with all the scans! Not to mention a riveting review.

J. Randalls Blog
Grindcore is quite a serious thing more often than not, and sometimes we need to someone to kick the hornets nest to get the community's ultra defensive or offensive stance about subject matters at hand(we hate mediocrity!). This is where J,Randall comes in, mixing in sarcasm, expert knowledge(yeah seriously), hilarious photoshops, he pokes jabs of fun at contemporary Issues of the genre and the industry on a whole.

This man likes to dabble in both metal and Grind, and as a former metal head myself, this is the place to go to get back in the know of who currently is kicking ass and worthy of greatness. He only recommends the best, not to mention this jammy bastard gets to see all the good shows(with complimentary pictures to taunt you), fuck it im moving to New York.

Invisible Oranges
Grindcore comes down in treacle's over at Invisible Oranges, but when it does, it is only the finest cuts. His Wormrot tour diaries, and the new series from the mouth of a new record label, offer plenty of insider information right from the heart of the life's that create the music, for after all we grinders are human too (barely)

Don't Be Swindle
Will Butler is a one of kind of guy who seems to be not a jack of all trades, but instead a master of all trades, aside from running the prestigious To Live A Lie Records, Fastcore Photo's, guest reviews on Maximum Rock and Roll, his physical zine and record building skills take a time out for him to further profess his love of all that is Grindful and Hardcore through his blog, a true testament to a 21st century tech savy musical nut case.

Extreme Responses
A website that describes itself as Grindcore, Death Metal, Punk, Politics and Popular culture, would almost seem like a digital doppelgänger to how I define my interests, although I substitute popular culture for history, and as such I am intrigued to see this take more of a form. This is one of my more recent blogging discoveries, and furthermore I only found out moments ago, that it is authored by a former honcho from Terrorizer Magazine, no bloody wonder they are so good posts, I thought this guy was like all us other fake journalist bloggers. Expecting many a great thing from this one.


Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Alternews: Rotten Sound

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Cursed seems to be coming along very well thus far. Enjoy.


But it's not even the weekend yet! (Weekend Nachos, Black Earth, 2011)

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I had to put this up as soon as possible, everyone must know about this. Weekend Nachos just released and announced a new track on their Facebook page from their new upcoming 7", Black Earth on A389 Records. They have made it available for download here: Black Earth by Weekend Nachos. So hurry the fuck up and listen to it already.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Open my head (Ceremony, Rohnert Park, 2010)

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First of all, I don't feel the need to introduce myself since Alex already did. Second of all, if you have never heard of Ceremony before, well, I feel bad for you and you need to check them out. Quick. Ceremony rose from the waters of the California Bay Area back in '05. They haven't stopped rising since then. Every album since their first EP, Ruined, to their newest full length album, Rohnert Park, has just gotten better and better.

Like I just mentioned, Rohnert Park is Ceremony's newest record, released in June 2010. What can I say about Rohnert Park? Besides that I completely fucking love it. Usually when a band takes a different approach to their music everyone bitches and moans about it. But you just can't complain about Rohnert Park. Even if it is nothing like their previous album, Violence, Violence, Violence, it still has you packing your fist full of hate. The album starts off with "Into the Wayside/Sick", ironically Ross Farrar claims to be "sick of Black Flag" and "sick of Cro-Mags" but this is exactly what this album reminds me of. It's reminiscent of old hardcore. Simple and to the point. After this introduction, the rest of the album is like a roller coaster, getting faster and heavier and suddenly subsiding to a calmer instrumental and then picking back up again. I'd like to throw out there that "Open Head" is my favorite track. That song will get stuck in your damn head for fucking days, not that it's bad or anything... until you find yourself suddenly exclaiming "OPEN MY HEAD, OPEN HEAAAAD." If you're already a fan of Ceremony and are trying to catch them, they're doing a West Coast tour, you can find me trying to dogpile and headwalk at the Fresno date:
Fusion Cafe - Seattle, WA

The Boulevard - Boyle Heights, CA
Lack Of Interest

Che Cafe - San Diego, CA

CYC - Fresno, CA
Cerebral Ballzy
At Our Heels

New Oakland Metro
630 3rd Street, Oakland, CA
Wolves & Thieves
Free Spirit

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Monday, 24 January 2011

Low Threat Profile - Takin' Names

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I feel really fuckin' weird introducing myself, so instead i'm gonna get straight to the point and talk about Low Threat Profile's self titled 7".

The band formed way back in '95, and to be honest could have a lot more to show for it. However, this really matters nada after you've heard this 7", released last year on the ever-awesome DeepSix. Being essentially a Hardcore supergroup of epic proportions (Andy of No Comment on vocals, Matt of Infest on guitars/bass, and Bob of Lack Of Interest on drums), I really don't think you could expect anything less than spectacular from this band. Don't. Expect the best. You will not be disappointed.

The state of Hardcore currently seems to be generally fucked; from the never-ending breakdowns and fake Hatebreed style angsty metalcore, to the D-Beat scene and sound's current resurgence. I guess it won't be long before Hot Topic Hardcore gets its hands on the 90's SxEx sound again. To me, most Hardcore (with some very notable exceptions) has become as tired and manufactured as Death Metal. No threat, no teeth, just bullshit.

So it's good to hear some old timers showing the kids how to get down. With a sound that nods to both 80's Hardcore in the vein of Negative Approach and first wave Cali power-violence, Low Threat Profile have ironically upped Hardcore's threat profile from low to sky fucking high. There is literally not a second spared on this piece of wax, no respite from the 'Core! Pissed as hell and twice as real. Some highlights are the absolutely livid opening track 'Kick My Heart', the Infest-y 'Corporate Cash Lies', and the total 80's worship of 'The Product'. Andy's vocals are awesome, but if you like No Comment then you'll know that already (If you don't know No Comment you got issues), and the music's tight and fast, like it should be. Not a breakdown in sight. I would recommend the 7" to anyone who has been finding the Hardcore scene stagnant and fake the last few years. Apparently the self titled L.P. is out (or at least Discogs.com seems to think so), If anyone's heard it let me know!

Sunday, 23 January 2011

The Scion Collection: Corporate Grindcore

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Friday, 21 January 2011

Obojetnosc, do mnie, to podsumowanie zła. (Epitome, E-rot.icon, 2011)

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Attaching a name or face to this release is tricky business, taking aesthetics and subject matter from the realm of Goregrind with elements of my least favourite genre Pornogrind, but musical form from both straight up stamp in your face Grindcore and Death Metal, Poland's debauch Grinders Epitome don't like to be generalised and instead offer a flurry of non-conforming Grind across a 27 minute journey of noise, screams and blasts.

Immediate similarities are that between early Happy Face circa Le Tigre era, when there was just enough Grind and groove to forgive the occasional squeal, giving the music possesses a highly idiosyncratic and   catchy temperament. This time round though both the Grind and the Death are cranked up, with a triarchy vocals from the detestable squeals, to the more desirable rough and gruff accompanied by junior. Of the two more desirable vocals sometimes I would like to have seen more of an emphasis placed, in both decibel and lower octavial considerations, but rest assured they let their presence be known as does sadly the incessant squeals.
In the area of groove these Poles do excel, offering catchy hooks and memorable riffs in many a place, making each song stand out from the other, although executed at a slow speed, any other way would compromise the integrity and the schtick they present. Additionally much Kudos must be granted to the drummer, like a mechanical beast he riles up the right mood for the correct section, quickly switching to and fro from blasting manic moments, and more complex rhythmic structures.

Although possessing one source of constant irritation, this release is not bad by a long shot, in fact its quite good, especially for those of you who like to hear something different, then be sure to give Poland's Epitome a go.


Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Industrious, Deft (Prumyslova Smrt)

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Sorry chaps but I'm about to pull a gamechanger: rather review a specific release I just want to draw peoples (supposed) attention to this band that I really like.

Prumyslova Smrt (which I am "reliably" informed could be pronounced prew-me-slova smerrrt) come from a place with one of the best grind scenes in the world; the Czech Republic.
I could write an essay (maybe I will, hmmmm) on the volume of decent groups operating in CZ, and it seems to be more widely recognised in mainland Europe than is evidenced in conversations I have with English-language countries grinders.
In fact once I was speaking with a Polish dude at a crust gig and he told me CZ has so much of this stuff because "it is athiest country", and that guy seemed pretty on the ball.

ABOVE: Artwork from their split with Valhalla Pacifists.

Their name translates as "Industrial
Death" and it's a good job I don't speak Czech or I would have avoided a name like that, which summons impressions of tired 90's angster Trent Reznor. Luckily the actual music of PS is BADASS 'European' style grind, you know the sort of grind that hasn't forgotten how to destroy passers by whilst it blames it all on god (5 points per reference there kids) and is unafraid to have snare RIGHT UP in your ear-face.

I love to hear grind that is unashamedly sung in it's native tongue. Being English can make one pretty lazy with this kind of matter to begin with and I think there is a real expectation that bands should record in English to have international appeal. PHOOEY TO THAT I like unintelligible screeching, it rules hard. Which is good because that is what you get here, mostly high-register violence... occasional gutterals for teh brootalz crowd, occasional gang vocals to prove how HxCx for life shit is. Me like.

These guys recently toured the UK with the also-excellent Lycanthrophy (aside: I made a poster for the Birmingham gig of this tour, and had an extensive argument with the promoter about the spelling of 'Lycanthropy') but I was unable to make it. Don't judge me, I live 2 hours drive from Brum. Honestly. Hey, screw you.
Anyway if any heads did see these gigs please use the comments to tell me they sucked, and that my opinions are shite and this isn't even a review. I'll send you flowers.

ABOVE: KICK IT! dun-nuh-nuh-nuuuuh, dun-nuh-nuh-nuuuuh,

This band have a wicked manic edge to their sound: the instruments are quite sludgy and the snare and vocals pierce right through it all- imagine Eyehategod on amphetamines instead of opiates and you'll be in the right kind of territory: angry and misanthropic noise with a undercurrent of grinning prankster. 10 gold stars your homework is to listen to this band.


Sunday, 16 January 2011

Assuck Warfare (Cellgraft, External Habitation, 2010)

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External Habitation brings into the realm of Grind the unique and interesting themes of  Cytology and Cytopathology which extends beyond the bands name; Cellgraft, and into a lyrical concept of numerous biological orientated dystopian possibilities. If like me you lost all interest in biology when you realized it would require decades to hold the world at ransom with your new breed of murderous cells, then these lyrics are bound to rekindle your fascination with the extreme side of biology.
Cellgraft are Tampa Bays hybrid of both fellow Floridians Assuck and coastal neighbours Insect Warfare in a true old school Grindcore fashion. Adopting Assuckian rampant yet co-ordinated blasting and twisting microscopic observant demise preaching lyricism, and the ever infamous Insect Warfares face shredding screeching guitar work, they have worked out an formula I have yearned to hear in the spotlight of Grind.
Judge them not on how good they are at being either Assuck or Insect Warfare, for Cellgraft are a mechanical beast of their own, who combine what we loved from each; the dexterity of one and the abrasiveness of the other, for their ground shacking 13 phase attack on your ears. Despite all the old school hallmarks including the mandatory cover of one of your influences, in this case non-other than the first and eternal Napalm Death - Scum, these grinding Floridians do offer a few modern twists and turns, not only do the lyrics go 21st century, but Cellgraft go entirely modern with a internet based DIY approach. They offer downloads to their material ala mediafire, and publish updates about the band via their blog here. As one would expect with a DIY band, production quality is not the best, however their rampaging grindcore bursts shine through poor production value, and one can clearly see the makings of a great band worthy of sitting beside the oldies.
Long gone are Assucks howlings of Class Warfare, as is Insect Warfare,but Long Live Cellular Warfare!

P.S You can buy their first 7" here,(A must buy, then review when I have more funds)


Are You Excitements? (CSSO- Are you excrements? 2001)

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It was probably around 2002 when I first heard CSSO and I still recall the initial reaction: WHAT? WHY? WHAT IS THAT WEIRD GUITAR SOUND? THE FUCK? and WHAT DOES CSSO EVEN MEAN?

At this point I had seen bands like Napalm Death but having just lived through the atrocities of the Nu-Metal wars (1998-2001) I was pretty much off my heavy sounds. Right off them in fact and totally digging the Japanese Harsh Noise kings (Masonna, Merzbow etc) and slap bang in the middle of a serious prog habit (sue me).
So basically getting back into a bunch of juvenile screaming and chugging seemed unlikely.
But not impossible; this band offered a way to combine the exuberant psychosis of the first-wave grind I had known with the experimental and playful approach inherent to much noise music.
Written down I will admit that it sounds like a terrible proposition, (tantamount to that most profane of punk crimes: not taking nastiness seriously) but this music is as lousy as it is brilliant, a garish microwave dinner thrown at the wall of understanding.

CSSO produce the kind of incongruous marriage of ideas you only get from somewhere else. Somewhere not where you are from. Somewhere good.

The tracks on are you excrements? sound as if a resurrected zombie Elvis has been forced to record a comeback extra special 5000 years hence, when only fuzzy grind is popular for some frankly tenuous reason.
Frequently the music farts itself out into a squelchy synthy coma that pratts about for ages, only to suddenly explode into feedback-drenched riffing ala guitar wolf and monstrous gurgly splatter vocals.
Many of you will not like this stuff, there is much more stupid dickerey and much less blasting than some of the band's earlier work however it's just full of amusing/ genius/ dumb ideas; perhaps a retarded cousin of fantomas or melt banana that is by some cruel twist better looking than either and thus the object of my affections.

ABOVE: Some dudes, taken from the CSSO myspace page so it's BOUND TO BE THEM.

One of the best elements of CSSO's sound on this album are the crazily wah-wahed guitars. They take a rather nasty and cheap guitar sound, distort that in a bad and fizzy manner and then as if THAT isn't enough they proceed to wah them all over the place. Often the left and right channel are being wahed out of synch and it's a wonderfully disorienting experience, scuzzy knives of axe skronk slashing you up and down and in and out.

I'll hazard that the name 'are you excrements' is a reference to Hendrix's 'Are you experienced' as many elements of the production (not just the guitars) are sort of psychedelic and trippy, especially the long bonged-out jams that are left when the blasting subsides. It leads one to wonder just what a certain J. Hendrix would have made of this appropriation but DONT WORRY KIDS I've engaged the services of a well-known clairvoyant (who's name must remain a secret) just so we can find out OK LET'S TRY THIS:

HENDRIX'S GHOST: awww hey man, what's up?

LUKE ORAM: hey J (I call him J), just wondered what you made of the weird you-isms used by the band CSSO on their album 'are you excrements?', especially the track 'Mental Rape'?

HENDRIX'S GHOST: it's an honour dude, up here in heaven ALL MUSIC has blastbeats. Anyway I gots to fly, band practise with Mieszko Talarczyk

UNNAMED CLAIRVOYANT: EEEUUURGH the ghost of Hendrix has left me, that'll be 300 Euros.

ABOVE: dead dudes dig the grind.

Well there we have it, CSSO and the soul of Dad's favourite proved beyond doubt that the basic blocks of grindcore CAN be used to make some things far beyond the scope of their creators. And that occasionally they SHOULD be used as such.
If you have any problems with that, or with any of this sarcastic nonsense please leave a comment TA TA.

Other greb I went on about:

**I don't think I need to link to Elvis, Hendrix or ND**


Thursday, 13 January 2011

Spreading the Dis-Ease: Eustachian, The Sphlagnum Bog, 2011

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Eustachian are the transatlantic's co-ordinated answer to Japans destructive cyber grind act Deathstorm.Much like their counterparts they manipulate out of their helpless listener a sense of profound paranoia, through passages of uncertainty and digital madness, evoking a myriad of emotions; from fear, anger, bewilderment and torment.
Moments of Grinding destruction and strongarm metal-core are strangled out by various electronic manifestations, only to re-emerge again more horrific and crass form than before, as if subjected to the horrific experiments of a deranged digitally adept scientist.
The use of electronics is not as clean cut or perfect as one might expect, it has the human error factor to it, making the use of digital effects feel more like a natural progression of a descent into madness instead of an artificial forced one.
I really like this release, there something wholly unnerving about it, a atmosphere it retains consistently throughout keeping you on edge, but if you look beyond this dark tainted aura, one will find a highly calculated, skillful and mesmerising allure to its experimental temperament.
The tracks entitled Martinique, of which there are three parts to, are by far the most unsettling, any sense of music has been stripped out, leaving a collection of random noises and silence.
My immediate comparison was to that of the Ring (I have only seen the Japanese version so it could very well be a sample), it manifests fear through a feeling of unknown coupled with a sense of impeding doom.
Do not fall into faux pas of assuming this is a nintendo-core or sample overdose approach to Cyber/ Experimental Grind/Metal,this release is one of an atmospheric nature, where the use of digital effects are used for the sole purpose of being the corrupting element to the malay of sounds and noises.

I havent even reached the best bit about this all, this cacophonic collection of horrors is 100% free once again courtesy of J.Randall's record label Grindcore Karoake, at this rate with such quality first releases and unique ones at that, Mr.Randall is fast tracking his label to secure its title amongst the respected labels.

(P.S sorry about the text rss subscribers, blogger seems to have a bit of trouble!)

Alternews: Wormrot Update

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I am experimenting with this whole Alternews business, do people think this should also think this blog should be a source of news? Or would people prefer that we stick to what we do normally? Let me know.
In any case I have three bits of good news all Wormrot Orientated including a taste of their upcoming album Dirge, so onward with the info! I have their track listing, a sample song and info on their upcoming tour, lucky United Statians!

Southeast Asian grind metal act Wormrot has revealed the tracklisting for its forthcoming full length album "Dirge." The album will see is release in North America on May 3 through Earache Records. You can view the "Dirge" tracklisting below:
1. No One Gives A Shit
2. Compulsive Disposition
3. All Go No Emo
4. Public Display Of Infection
5. Overpowered Violence
6. Semiconcious Godsize Dumbass
7. Spot A Pathetic
8. Evolved Into Nothing
9. Butt Krieg Is Showing
10. Fucking Fierce So What
11. Ferocious Bombardment
12. Principle Of The Puppet Warfare
13. Deceased Occupation
14. Waste Of Time
15. Stench Of Ignorance
16. Meteor To The Face
17. Addicts Of Misery
18. You Suffer But Why Is It My Problem
19. Erased Existence
20. Back Stabber Mission Aborted
21. Destruct The Bastards
22. Plunged Into Illusions
23. Manipulation
24. A Dead Issue
25. The Final Insult


Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Mixtape: A Taste of 2010

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The general consensus amongst the Grindcore community is that 2010 was one of those years that can be described with the apathetic  and primitive response of meh. It wasn't down right terrible, but it was hardly a year that was worthy of much merit. However even amongst the masses of mediocrity, there were numerous gems that cropped up now and again, often taking the form in an E.P. So despite the 2010 slump in album grinding quality, it is in the rise of the E.P, that has allowed for this year to reach the acceptable point of just average status. Anyway cutting to the chase here below is a mixtape of songs that caught my attention in 2010, I would of put plenty more , but only wanted to stick to 130 Megabyte, ohh and I couldn't resist dropping in every Grinders guilty secret: Deathspell Omega's Paracletus. Enjoy! (You only need to download one of the links not both)

AbortedLeft Hand Path
AbscessDawn Of Inhumanity
AgathoclesGod Save The Real Green Crocodile
Bloody PhoenixSystem Corrupts
California LoveAtom Bomb Death Race
Deathspell OmegaAbscission
DefeatistPetit Mort
Extreme Noise TerrorThink Outside The Box
Extinction Of MankindExtinction Of Mankind - One Bullet
FailuretraceWholesome Song
Fleshgod ApocalypseThru Our Scars
Fuck The FactsLoss Upon Loss
Hayaino DaisukiShibito
Kill The ClientPandemic
Kru$hThe Thing You Hate Most
Livet Som InsatsSkuld
Looking For An AnswerLooking For An Answer - Paranoia Nuclear (Ratos De Porao Cover)
Misery IndexFed To The Wolves
Parlamentarisk SodomiParlamentarisk Sodomi - Likvider En Samfunnstopp
PhobiaTradition Of Power
Punished EarthShithead
Ratos De PorăoRatos De Porao - La Matanza (Looking For An Answer Cover)
Rotten SoundThe Kill
SlangWorld Of Lunacy
Suffering MindCierpiacy Umysl
TotalickersIndustria Militar
UtopiumMy Philosophy (Nasum Cover)
Wormrot                   Critical Human Stupidity.
Copyright Shylocks you now the drill, you want your material taken down, then email me , but I expect proof that you hold the copyright to the material!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Spreading the Dis-Ease: Failure Trace

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What can I say about these guys that has not already been said, they offer a really fantastic blend of raw punk emotion played through a full swinging grindcore assault that has a omnipresence of both virility and unconstrained anger. And now this cacophony can be part of your collection too(link provided below), as it should it be, right next to fellow South East Asian grinders Wormrot.
After having a greatly informative conversation with Ryan of the band, I have learnt that Failure Trace is not just a band who want to make a noise, for them Failure Trace is a channel for their emotions of anger and pain and idealogical commitments, of Thailand's heart wrenching political crisis, verging on civil war. This is 3rd world Grind, and every scream and blast is a protest, how many of you can honestly say you have lived in a political system with coups,daily political murders on the streets and burning boroughs?

 (Would of been Mediafire, but kept saying stalled)
(Updates on the local scene, and upcoming material)


Monday, 10 January 2011

Gathering of Cultures (The Atrocity Exhibit, Damned and Blasted 2010)

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OK so right off the bat I'm going to admit that I know the guys in this band, and be assured that does indeed compromise whatever objectivity I may have had. To compensate for this egregious transgression I am only going to say that this band are awesome once: "This band are awesome once" (yeah you like what I did)

What I'm going to blather on about for the rest of this post are the myriad reasons WHY I would think such a thing, and those would also be reasons for anyone who is reading this to check them out.

Reasons to be Grindful are Three:

One: Their tunes are proper. You know, proper like when you listen to Insect Warfare and think "This is really great, and their songs are proper". Like that.
TAE have deemed that well-balanced song writing and nicely flowing tracks are, for them, more important than continually shredding you up with top-of-range tempi.
This is a good thing. Their recent CD (which I still haven't paid them for, fuck you the band) develops over the course of the album, offering up memorable tracks that have bits of Grind, Crust, Doom (and other tasty stuff) all over the place but are also consistent, it feels like the same band.

Two: Their drummer is proper: This happy chap can blast, but knows when it's time to just smash the crash and let the other instruments thunder. Do you see the theme developing here? A theme that not only has words like 'grind' 'blast' 'owns' but also 'taste' 'thought' and 'appropriate'. It works, supplies the modern-slick-double-kick whilst reminding us how good it was when some shitty punk bands decide they were just going to hit that junk as fast as they could loose teeth and cash giros.

ABOVE: They look like this, mind.

Three: The guitars SOUND proper (sick of this proper thing yet?). All the string takes on Damned and Blasted have real weight to them, like at a gig where valve amps are really shoving the air about. It's a great thing precisely because it ISN'T the usual hyper-gain Death Metal sound, it's dirty with heft and chunk. It means that when the band slow down a bit (which they do especially well on album closer track "The gathering of vultures") one gets to appreciate these choice riffs in all their meatsome countenance. Same goes for the Bass guitar; solid sounding. In these days of many bass-less grinders it's nice to hear a four-guy grind group in full grunt.

So there are my three reasons for my opinion that this band are awesome (once) and I encourage you all to INTERNETS THE HELL outta this.