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Monday, 31 January 2011

Grant Ou Cher a Listen (Gran Toucher)

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You guessed wrong folks, this wont be about any emperor's new clothes popular singer, it's about an underground UK band that hail from the middle of nowhere.
Being stuck in Exeter can't be easy for those wanting to grind, so I consider it a kind of duty to gather whatever attention this article may generate and deposit it all over GRAN TOUCHER.

The band don't have much music available at the minute (some myspace demo type stuff is up) but before you all go straight to the comments in order that I might be lambasted for daring to feature such new music let it be in mind how DIY I am, (much more than you) and to me last week is ten years ago and tomorrow is next year. YEAH. or do I mean....

Anyway the point is GT recently posted up a pretty promising video of a gig in Camborne (That's in Cornwall. Seriously a grind band played in Cornwall. Cornwall is like 5 hours drive SOUTH of here) wherein the comedy west country plebbing about that opens the vid gives way to some rather nice Power Violence stuff- lots of blasts and some quite choice slow bits so we might obtain the state known as mosh.

ABOVE: I'm a cider drinker, I drinks me cider all day etc etc

This more PV influenced sound is good, beats the deathier stuff the band have on offer via social networking by a long way, and should be putting them a bit ahead of the curve- in their area I gather the dominant sound is still the kind of lifeless and played-out DM everyone was doing 5 years ago- The vocal style has also developed, more embittered with hate or perhaps just more distorted due to camera microphones being overdriven. Either way I prefer cheap live recordings to cheap demos any day of the week so it's double thumbs up girlfriend.
Hopefully all this effort might amount to GT being able to access some quality support slots sometime soon.

Until then you will all just have to watch this distorted-ass video: You may want to skip it on a bit if you can't deal with the beauty of the wes cunry accent- but that would qualify you as a clown now wouldn't it...

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