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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Industrious, Deft (Prumyslova Smrt)

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Sorry chaps but I'm about to pull a gamechanger: rather review a specific release I just want to draw peoples (supposed) attention to this band that I really like.

Prumyslova Smrt (which I am "reliably" informed could be pronounced prew-me-slova smerrrt) come from a place with one of the best grind scenes in the world; the Czech Republic.
I could write an essay (maybe I will, hmmmm) on the volume of decent groups operating in CZ, and it seems to be more widely recognised in mainland Europe than is evidenced in conversations I have with English-language countries grinders.
In fact once I was speaking with a Polish dude at a crust gig and he told me CZ has so much of this stuff because "it is athiest country", and that guy seemed pretty on the ball.

ABOVE: Artwork from their split with Valhalla Pacifists.

Their name translates as "Industrial
Death" and it's a good job I don't speak Czech or I would have avoided a name like that, which summons impressions of tired 90's angster Trent Reznor. Luckily the actual music of PS is BADASS 'European' style grind, you know the sort of grind that hasn't forgotten how to destroy passers by whilst it blames it all on god (5 points per reference there kids) and is unafraid to have snare RIGHT UP in your ear-face.

I love to hear grind that is unashamedly sung in it's native tongue. Being English can make one pretty lazy with this kind of matter to begin with and I think there is a real expectation that bands should record in English to have international appeal. PHOOEY TO THAT I like unintelligible screeching, it rules hard. Which is good because that is what you get here, mostly high-register violence... occasional gutterals for teh brootalz crowd, occasional gang vocals to prove how HxCx for life shit is. Me like.

These guys recently toured the UK with the also-excellent Lycanthrophy (aside: I made a poster for the Birmingham gig of this tour, and had an extensive argument with the promoter about the spelling of 'Lycanthropy') but I was unable to make it. Don't judge me, I live 2 hours drive from Brum. Honestly. Hey, screw you.
Anyway if any heads did see these gigs please use the comments to tell me they sucked, and that my opinions are shite and this isn't even a review. I'll send you flowers.

ABOVE: KICK IT! dun-nuh-nuh-nuuuuh, dun-nuh-nuh-nuuuuh,

This band have a wicked manic edge to their sound: the instruments are quite sludgy and the snare and vocals pierce right through it all- imagine Eyehategod on amphetamines instead of opiates and you'll be in the right kind of territory: angry and misanthropic noise with a undercurrent of grinning prankster. 10 gold stars your homework is to listen to this band.