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Looking for An Answer

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Mixtape: A Taste of 2010

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The general consensus amongst the Grindcore community is that 2010 was one of those years that can be described with the apathetic  and primitive response of meh. It wasn't down right terrible, but it was hardly a year that was worthy of much merit. However even amongst the masses of mediocrity, there were numerous gems that cropped up now and again, often taking the form in an E.P. So despite the 2010 slump in album grinding quality, it is in the rise of the E.P, that has allowed for this year to reach the acceptable point of just average status. Anyway cutting to the chase here below is a mixtape of songs that caught my attention in 2010, I would of put plenty more , but only wanted to stick to 130 Megabyte, ohh and I couldn't resist dropping in every Grinders guilty secret: Deathspell Omega's Paracletus. Enjoy! (You only need to download one of the links not both)

AbortedLeft Hand Path
AbscessDawn Of Inhumanity
AgathoclesGod Save The Real Green Crocodile
Bloody PhoenixSystem Corrupts
California LoveAtom Bomb Death Race
Deathspell OmegaAbscission
DefeatistPetit Mort
Extreme Noise TerrorThink Outside The Box
Extinction Of MankindExtinction Of Mankind - One Bullet
FailuretraceWholesome Song
Fleshgod ApocalypseThru Our Scars
Fuck The FactsLoss Upon Loss
Hayaino DaisukiShibito
Kill The ClientPandemic
Kru$hThe Thing You Hate Most
Livet Som InsatsSkuld
Looking For An AnswerLooking For An Answer - Paranoia Nuclear (Ratos De Porao Cover)
Misery IndexFed To The Wolves
Parlamentarisk SodomiParlamentarisk Sodomi - Likvider En Samfunnstopp
PhobiaTradition Of Power
Punished EarthShithead
Ratos De PorăoRatos De Porao - La Matanza (Looking For An Answer Cover)
Rotten SoundThe Kill
SlangWorld Of Lunacy
Suffering MindCierpiacy Umysl
TotalickersIndustria Militar
UtopiumMy Philosophy (Nasum Cover)
Wormrot                   Critical Human Stupidity.
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