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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Spreading the Dis-Ease: Wadge, Grindcore Lu'au, 2011

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Much debate has surrounded ANb and even more so with band member and notorious loud mouth J.Randall so much so that the rest of Agoraphobic Nosebleed made him put up a disclaimer on  his site stating that his outlandish blog posts only represent his own views and not of the rest of the band and affiliates.
Love him or loathe him J.Randall is a character that always creates buzz in the community, just look at the Magrudergrind Scion partnership, where Mr. Randall became a beacon for all those with the anti-capitalist mindsets. However his recent stunt and coup to re-surge Bovine Records (the blog post is removed, as is the Metalsucks post on it), has now pushed him to create his own record label; Grindcore Karaoke, with the first release free for all to download, so I ask you Grindcore elitists judge his label not by his character but by the content of the music.

Not only is this release a fantastic start to his record label, but a great start to 2011, Canada's own Wadge bring a fun brand of surfing Powerviolence infused Machinedrum Grindcore.
With people going down the ultra punk or the ultra death route for Grind, it is few bands that you can honestly say are fun to listen to from start to finish.
Whether or not this is Wadge's usual modus operandi, or just a concept I don't know, but I am willing to take the risk and try and get more of their stuff, because what I am hearing now I want to hear more of, lots more of.
Production quality is not that good, but gives you the feel that you are in a dingy dilapidated venue jumping around and shouting along to the manic moments, when the vocals, drums and guitars come together in a intense moment of raw expression. I am very glad that these guys didn't abuse the drummachine, and make fantastic use of both mid-paced and high paced sections. I love the vocals, they are a almost muted shout, that spews words in quick succession, and you can tell he isn't too bothered about screaming every last breathe out of his lungs.
So lads and lasses, start your decade off with a bang and get your Grindcore Karaoke on, Hawaiian style.