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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Resistant Digital Culture

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Once upon a time there sat a lad, upon his bed with all manner of rumbling and tumbling roars emanating out of digital gadgetry.Aurally induced  into a state of euphoric zen, his eyes shifted to and fro as he read his favourite bed time stories, and he thought to himself "Why shall I not be the master of my own stories?" and thus began the  ardous journey to his own book of stories: Grind to Death.

Now you may wonder why is that I have even bothered you with a terrible children's story describing as to why I created this blog, well its because as of now the story of Grind to Death now has a new chapter, with new authors and a new direction. Our team now consists of a Grindcore veteran, a femme fatale duo experts on hardcore and tag team of anarcho-grinders, and myself. Expect plenty more reviews, interviews and alot more underground material.
And without further a do, I present to you the slaves of the Grind:

Alex Layzell (Formerly Orthodoxyn)

By day I am a long haired and if lazy; bearded, Law and European Studies student, but by night (when not in the process of inebriation by the devils nectar) I am the Grindfather of Grind to Death. Other than that I am an Anglo-Polish polyglot, with a consuming passion in areas of Grindcore, History, Politics and Law. For the time being I alternate with the academic seasons where I live between the glorious post prime settlements of Portsmouth and London, and frequently enjoy going off abroad to the continent.
My sole objective: Good Grindcore for the Masses!

Cody Black (Formerly I Jah)
My name is Cody Michael Black, I live in Hanford, California and I have a profound love for extreme music. I am currently attending community college and on my down time I like to discuss music and declare my hatred for everything. What's popular doesn't concern me and I will admire and respect anyone who stands up for what they believe in. I'm a young person, but an old soul that has zero tolerance for any human stupidity. Half Mexican and Half Irish I was raised with extremely diverse backgrounds simultaneously, I tend to speak Spanish more then English. I used to be in an Anarchopunk/Crust band in eighth grade and since then I got into more extreme metal then Grindcore, although I love many different types of music. I want to review some sick shit, spread the word of good bands and kick out awesome releases. Grind or get the fuck out of the way.

My name is Mieka Kos, which is Dutch. I live in the Central Valley of California, and it smells like armpit, eggs, and manure. I speak four languages fluently. I'm a free-lance photographer, and an Apple Product enthusiast. I've been vegetarian for a little over a year now, and have become quite the health nut because of it. I'm a workaholic, and intend to major in business. Comedy over Horror films, Modern Art over everything else, and real books over Kindle (eBooks, etc) always! I didn't get into hardcore until my freshman year of high school, and the "scene" around here isn't very lively. This is my first shot at something like this- here goes nothing!

Luke Oram
Hairy misery guts who spends most of his time drawing, whingeing, drinking fine tea and listening to foul music.
Has played in various bands of various styles since being a teenager, and as part of International Grind losers ATOMÇK has shared a stage with such luminaires as WORMROT, BLOODY PHOENIX, CATHETER, INSECT WARFARE, DESECRATION, AFGRUND, RISING TERROR and many more yadda yadda.
Studied Animation at University, won a few awards for his films and worked in television until that was all credit crunched away, the bastards.
Primary non-music interests include Art history, Wei Chi, philosophy and scepticism.. but not slamming deathcore breakdowns with too many pinched harmonics, yeuch.

I'm Paulina and I reside in the shittiest part of California: The Cenral Valley. Where there is no beach nor babes, just cows and lifted trucks. I love all zombie, horror, and Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez movies (no matter how terrible they are).I don't take anything seriously. When I'm not at home sitting around in my filth you'll find me at some show trying not to get crushed by the bigger dudes as I attempt to dog pile, sing or stage dive. Cool story, bro. Feel free to suggest your favorite music to me, I'm all ears. Hazzah.

Nicholas Alconcher
My name is Nick Alexander Alconcher but most know me as an internet troll and that weird kid who hates everyone. I’m 18 years old, Born in the puny farm town of Hanford, California. My father is Filipino while my mother is Black and German which confuses people and leads them to believe I’m Indian, Chinese, Armenian, or just a beaner. I was originally baptized as Catholic and went on to receive the next two sacraments of the Eucharist and Reconciliation. My music taste consisted mostly of progressive and classic rock at this point, but after 9 years of attendance at a catholic private school and employment as an altar server, I had gained enough knowledge to realize my hatred for the world and my love for extreme musical genres. I started off listening to typical deathgrind in highschool like Cephalic Carnage and Dying Fetus but then advanced into more underground raw grind, crust, sludge, and powerviolence. I’ve been been playing drums for eight years and blastbeats are what I live for. My style of playing consists mostly of very fast paced d-beats, heavy cymbals, odd timed fills as well as as much snare blasting as I can fit in between it all to pull it all together and attain that certain groove we all know and love. Misanthrope for life.

Grind or be Grinded!