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Friday, 21 January 2011

Obojetnosc, do mnie, to podsumowanie zła. (Epitome, E-rot.icon, 2011)

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Attaching a name or face to this release is tricky business, taking aesthetics and subject matter from the realm of Goregrind with elements of my least favourite genre Pornogrind, but musical form from both straight up stamp in your face Grindcore and Death Metal, Poland's debauch Grinders Epitome don't like to be generalised and instead offer a flurry of non-conforming Grind across a 27 minute journey of noise, screams and blasts.

Immediate similarities are that between early Happy Face circa Le Tigre era, when there was just enough Grind and groove to forgive the occasional squeal, giving the music possesses a highly idiosyncratic and   catchy temperament. This time round though both the Grind and the Death are cranked up, with a triarchy vocals from the detestable squeals, to the more desirable rough and gruff accompanied by junior. Of the two more desirable vocals sometimes I would like to have seen more of an emphasis placed, in both decibel and lower octavial considerations, but rest assured they let their presence be known as does sadly the incessant squeals.
In the area of groove these Poles do excel, offering catchy hooks and memorable riffs in many a place, making each song stand out from the other, although executed at a slow speed, any other way would compromise the integrity and the schtick they present. Additionally much Kudos must be granted to the drummer, like a mechanical beast he riles up the right mood for the correct section, quickly switching to and fro from blasting manic moments, and more complex rhythmic structures.

Although possessing one source of constant irritation, this release is not bad by a long shot, in fact its quite good, especially for those of you who like to hear something different, then be sure to give Poland's Epitome a go.