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Thursday, 27 January 2011

100th post and the Grinders Digital Bible

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Grind and Punishment
Not only is this blog the inspiration for our humble origins, but by far the greatest source of Grinding Authority out there. This is the place to get your inner grind nerd stimulated big time, the man knows it all, and is able to convey in  a way that is both humorous and informative. Not to mention the cult community surrounding it, always add layers of depth and alternate perspectives to an already well fashioned point.

Ask Earache
Earache aren't everyone's favourite label, but no one can deny the fantastic legacy in their wake, this site answers your questions from Digsby Pearson himself, no bullshit straight up the hard truths about the scene and the record industry. An absolute treasure trove of information both current and from its crowning glory days.

When the realms of irrational tastes and rational discourse collide, you get something very unique, these part grinders and part other tastes bring to you only the best releases in Grind complete with all the scans! Not to mention a riveting review.

J. Randalls Blog
Grindcore is quite a serious thing more often than not, and sometimes we need to someone to kick the hornets nest to get the community's ultra defensive or offensive stance about subject matters at hand(we hate mediocrity!). This is where J,Randall comes in, mixing in sarcasm, expert knowledge(yeah seriously), hilarious photoshops, he pokes jabs of fun at contemporary Issues of the genre and the industry on a whole.

This man likes to dabble in both metal and Grind, and as a former metal head myself, this is the place to go to get back in the know of who currently is kicking ass and worthy of greatness. He only recommends the best, not to mention this jammy bastard gets to see all the good shows(with complimentary pictures to taunt you), fuck it im moving to New York.

Invisible Oranges
Grindcore comes down in treacle's over at Invisible Oranges, but when it does, it is only the finest cuts. His Wormrot tour diaries, and the new series from the mouth of a new record label, offer plenty of insider information right from the heart of the life's that create the music, for after all we grinders are human too (barely)

Don't Be Swindle
Will Butler is a one of kind of guy who seems to be not a jack of all trades, but instead a master of all trades, aside from running the prestigious To Live A Lie Records, Fastcore Photo's, guest reviews on Maximum Rock and Roll, his physical zine and record building skills take a time out for him to further profess his love of all that is Grindful and Hardcore through his blog, a true testament to a 21st century tech savy musical nut case.

Extreme Responses
A website that describes itself as Grindcore, Death Metal, Punk, Politics and Popular culture, would almost seem like a digital doppelgänger to how I define my interests, although I substitute popular culture for history, and as such I am intrigued to see this take more of a form. This is one of my more recent blogging discoveries, and furthermore I only found out moments ago, that it is authored by a former honcho from Terrorizer Magazine, no bloody wonder they are so good posts, I thought this guy was like all us other fake journalist bloggers. Expecting many a great thing from this one.