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Monday, 24 January 2011

Low Threat Profile - Takin' Names

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I feel really fuckin' weird introducing myself, so instead i'm gonna get straight to the point and talk about Low Threat Profile's self titled 7".

The band formed way back in '95, and to be honest could have a lot more to show for it. However, this really matters nada after you've heard this 7", released last year on the ever-awesome DeepSix. Being essentially a Hardcore supergroup of epic proportions (Andy of No Comment on vocals, Matt of Infest on guitars/bass, and Bob of Lack Of Interest on drums), I really don't think you could expect anything less than spectacular from this band. Don't. Expect the best. You will not be disappointed.

The state of Hardcore currently seems to be generally fucked; from the never-ending breakdowns and fake Hatebreed style angsty metalcore, to the D-Beat scene and sound's current resurgence. I guess it won't be long before Hot Topic Hardcore gets its hands on the 90's SxEx sound again. To me, most Hardcore (with some very notable exceptions) has become as tired and manufactured as Death Metal. No threat, no teeth, just bullshit.

So it's good to hear some old timers showing the kids how to get down. With a sound that nods to both 80's Hardcore in the vein of Negative Approach and first wave Cali power-violence, Low Threat Profile have ironically upped Hardcore's threat profile from low to sky fucking high. There is literally not a second spared on this piece of wax, no respite from the 'Core! Pissed as hell and twice as real. Some highlights are the absolutely livid opening track 'Kick My Heart', the Infest-y 'Corporate Cash Lies', and the total 80's worship of 'The Product'. Andy's vocals are awesome, but if you like No Comment then you'll know that already (If you don't know No Comment you got issues), and the music's tight and fast, like it should be. Not a breakdown in sight. I would recommend the 7" to anyone who has been finding the Hardcore scene stagnant and fake the last few years. Apparently the self titled L.P. is out (or at least Discogs.com seems to think so), If anyone's heard it let me know!