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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Assuck Warfare (Cellgraft, External Habitation, 2010)

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External Habitation brings into the realm of Grind the unique and interesting themes of  Cytology and Cytopathology which extends beyond the bands name; Cellgraft, and into a lyrical concept of numerous biological orientated dystopian possibilities. If like me you lost all interest in biology when you realized it would require decades to hold the world at ransom with your new breed of murderous cells, then these lyrics are bound to rekindle your fascination with the extreme side of biology.
Cellgraft are Tampa Bays hybrid of both fellow Floridians Assuck and coastal neighbours Insect Warfare in a true old school Grindcore fashion. Adopting Assuckian rampant yet co-ordinated blasting and twisting microscopic observant demise preaching lyricism, and the ever infamous Insect Warfares face shredding screeching guitar work, they have worked out an formula I have yearned to hear in the spotlight of Grind.
Judge them not on how good they are at being either Assuck or Insect Warfare, for Cellgraft are a mechanical beast of their own, who combine what we loved from each; the dexterity of one and the abrasiveness of the other, for their ground shacking 13 phase attack on your ears. Despite all the old school hallmarks including the mandatory cover of one of your influences, in this case non-other than the first and eternal Napalm Death - Scum, these grinding Floridians do offer a few modern twists and turns, not only do the lyrics go 21st century, but Cellgraft go entirely modern with a internet based DIY approach. They offer downloads to their material ala mediafire, and publish updates about the band via their blog here. As one would expect with a DIY band, production quality is not the best, however their rampaging grindcore bursts shine through poor production value, and one can clearly see the makings of a great band worthy of sitting beside the oldies.
Long gone are Assucks howlings of Class Warfare, as is Insect Warfare,but Long Live Cellular Warfare!

P.S You can buy their first 7" here,(A must buy, then review when I have more funds)