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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Spreading the Dis-Ease: Failure Trace

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What can I say about these guys that has not already been said, they offer a really fantastic blend of raw punk emotion played through a full swinging grindcore assault that has a omnipresence of both virility and unconstrained anger. And now this cacophony can be part of your collection too(link provided below), as it should it be, right next to fellow South East Asian grinders Wormrot.
After having a greatly informative conversation with Ryan of the band, I have learnt that Failure Trace is not just a band who want to make a noise, for them Failure Trace is a channel for their emotions of anger and pain and idealogical commitments, of Thailand's heart wrenching political crisis, verging on civil war. This is 3rd world Grind, and every scream and blast is a protest, how many of you can honestly say you have lived in a political system with coups,daily political murders on the streets and burning boroughs?

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