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Monday, 3 January 2011

Failure is Not a Factory Installed Setting. (Failuretrace, Collection of Materials)

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Its no insider secret that South East Asia is up and coming in the Grindcore community, and amongst this new wave of cranial  crushing acts is Thailands very own angry Grinders Failure Trace.
I fucking love these guys, and so should you! Imagine S.O.B on a adrenaline pumped Grindcore shooting spree and you get a rough idea as to what sort of carnage this it. Musical technicalness has never been my forte, but the only way I can describe what the core essence of what they have, is the word bounce; they seem to have this omnipresent bounce in what they do, that give them  a energetic, fun and youthfulness to their strident punk orientated Grind.
The quality of the releases is something that is non-uniform and generally low quality, but gives you that feeling when you find a band who are amazing but not known enough or lack the funds to make the leap to better quality releases, which in turn has the effect you know that these guys haven't peaked their potential and leaves you fidgety wanting their next release.
Not only do these guys offer a fantastic  Grindcore ear bashing, but their message has elements of the European Zeitgeist climate about it, in the mass media the themes of Feminism and Abuse of Women has developed into a contemporary brennpunkt through a flooding of  Stieg Larsson books and films, and it is nice to see that the underground has not forgotten its roots on this topic, and were doing this well before the masses either got hold of the subject (again), and btw the films are killer, go watch them now after getting failure trace.
If its not enough that these guys have monstrous musical skills and a nice set of ideologies , but these guys don't take the piss, they take action, the track recorded at Bangkok International Expo  shows these guys aren't bitching about poverty behind glaring screens, they are out and about causing a racket, actions speak louder than words (take note self-styled punky Grind bands) Although in all fairness even if they played there to promote the mass extermination of all homeless people, I would still love what these guys do musically.
Confession Time: Failure Trace did send me all their material and plenty of info on them, which made this review a hell of a lot easier, but that has not biased my opinion of them, seriously check these guys out or forever be riddled with guilt!