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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Dystopian Punk (Robocop II, Robocop, 2011)

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Punk has never been my forte, nor will it ever be despite my constant amateur dabblings in it, but even I appreciate a fine douse of Punk when I hear one, and Ryan and Co certainly deserve a thumbs and a pat on the back from my metal laden tastes.
Robocop's second instalment is one part Boston Hardcore, one part S.O.B and a healthy dose of Powerviolence, which all combine to unleash a storm of grim punk bordering and occasionally crossing  into the realms of Grindcore.  Robocop offer a relentless churning punk attack of attitude and music in a wittier than thou ethos of both words and chords. Featuring jibes left right and centre of both humour and wit in a self indulging genre mockery best seen in titles such as Feminism  Über Alles and Maine is the Bastard, yet somehow Ryan Page manages, to layer such lyrics and titles to at face value juxtapose each other, so what may have a funny title, is in fact lyrically a tirade of intellectual rhetoric or contemporary observation of issues clouding the scene. (check out the lyrics here)
Although never attaining supersonic levels of speed, they often click back a few gears and offer a nice cruising punk vibe build up, before letting all hell loose where they end throwing in chords here, riffs there all topped by a screams splattering forth arguments to and fro in a true homage to powerviolence. As the songs progress as well, mechanical machinations seem to get stronger and stronger, taking form and offering a dystopian alternative to the already grizzly guitar work and gritty feel to the rest.
Overall this has to be one of my favourite punk releases of all time, it has everything from humour, intellectualism, attitude, killer musicianship and best of all its free to download! Although I hardly feel my rushed review does it justice, come to your own conclusion and download it over at Grindcore Karaoke.