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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Grinders Digest

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>> RIP Phil Vane. The ENT veteran passed away recently, as confirmend by the band.

>>Candelight Records have posted up sounds and information related to Anaal Nathrakh here.

>>Clinical goremongers Haemorrhage have new album 'Hospital Carnage' up for pre-order at Relapse Records.

>>New Abbadon Incarnate / Phobia split from Underground Movement.

>>Deathy Doomy champs Coffins have just signed to Relapse Records. Expect a new album soon.

>>GrindcoreKaraoke have yet more free music available: Surachai's 'Plague Diagram' is a Godflesh type beast, featuring breakcore badass Otto Van Shirach. Check it out here.

The promised 'Grindcore World War series' didn't happen this week for various reasons, it's now slated for Monday so you have all been warned!