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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Grinders Digest

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Ohhh what is this Grinders Digest Post?  I hear you say, well it will be a weekly column where I share the happening ons and news from stuff that should be relevant to you readers regarding the music industry and the state of affairs of the scene. Feel free to make additions of what I have left out in the comments section, and feel free to let me know about anything that I should include in the next instalments of .
  • Our Favourite Dystopian Punk Ryan Page, has released his film to be purchased here alongside his other material, or can be viewed here.
  • Grind & Punishment is now doing a very interesting mixtape series, to happen every Friday covering a different letter of the alphabet, the first post being here.
  • Maruta will be dropping their contribution to the Grind Wars on the 22nd of this month, available on pre order via Willowtip. Of the three preview songs I have heard here, here and over here, they go heavy on the tech death metal moments. You can listen to all their previous material for free  via their bandcamp.
  • Orphan will be up for preorder tomorrow at 3pm Eastern Time, via Hydrahead. Links to the preorder are here, and the source being here.
  • To those who prefer physical over digital, a new physical zine will be entering town this April, details here.(No Affiliation)
  • Our favourite Record Label Grindcore Karaoke offers 2 new releases from Self Deconstruction and Maruosa
  • The Irish Times write an article on the deluge of myspace and the rise of Soundcloud.
  • Fukpig release a new video and an interview, alongside a new EP with a video of its own
  • Not entirely relevant, but still an insight to the state of the music industry, Activision have axed Guitar Hero (source)
  • Napalm Death appear on British TV show Skins (over here)
  • Once again not entirely relevant, but the Arabic World is still making stands against its cleptocratic and autocratic regimes, still pending on the revolutionary punk outburst.
  • An interesting post over at Extreme Responses regarding Belarus.
  • Visual Representation with data showing the state of affairs regarding streaming over here.
  • Here is a little sneak peek at what the upcoming 1 year anniversary of the site entails.