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Monday, 28 February 2011

The Rules of the Game

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Sorry for the delay in the Grind World Wide series however my recent trip to the Netherlands has prevented me from writing it up, and accessing the internet, so without further ado lets get this thing in gear!

Just before I go around listing all the bands here is a brief overview of how the system works.
  • You do not just vote for which you feel is your favourite band, that would be too easy no, no, no, I am going to get you guys to think long and hard, YOU WILL HAVE TO LIST THE BANDS IN ORDER OF LIKEABILITY, 1 being the highest , and whatever number of bands there are being the lowest!!! See this competition will get intense.
  • All the numbers would be added up then applied to an algorithim of weighted averages (it makes the results more fair and realistic, trust me) and then the artist with the lowest score will be the winner, and the one with the highest score will be the "loser"
  • You can only vote once, and the way you do so is in the comment section you list the order with the number so 1-awesome grindcore band 2 -slightly less than awesome grindcore band etc etc.
  • Although the commenting system allows for anonymous posting, if people try to cheat the system, remember I can see your IP address so if more than one result comes from the same address then I will disregard all the results from that IP, and also ban your IP from commenting further on the site.
  • I am currently thinking the tournament should last a fortnight, so you have 2 weeks to vote, let your friends know to vote etc, it should be quite fun. Please let your friends know, the bands deserve true statistical representation of popularity!
  • If you wish to change your votes let me know by email unless you sign up for an Intense Debate account where you can yourself edit your results (be sure to put edited on the top so I know it has been)
  • You must order all the results even if you don't know the bands check them out, incomplete lists will not be included as they will screw the algorithm.
  • Feel free to argue to the end of hell with someone you don't agree with.
  • Feel free to suggest to me bands that are for the upcoming tournaments, they will be revealed every other week via the grinders digest column, starting the week after each tournament has started.
  • Any problems just email me.
Ok so thats the rules, quite a few of them, but fairly logical and straightforward, so onward with the Grind Wars! (Sorry to any bands I left out!) (Next Post, to be posted 15 mins after this)