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Monday, 28 February 2011

Grind World Wide: Hail to Japanese Grindcore!

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Sorry for the delay in getting this thing underway, my recent trip to the land that hath ye olde capital city known as Amsterdam, has hampered my access and availability to the internet.

So here we have it; the first instalment of the much anticipated (well by me in any case) fortnightly Grind World Wide series. Starting this week with Japan, a country who we can all agree has defined some of the more distinctive aspects of Grindcore, both endemically and internationally. So lets get our Grindcore Geek Grinding the cerebral cogs once again and releasing all manner of intellectual abuse as to how the person above you opinions are totally wrong, and through Socratic Method and internet bullying, you feel a  sense of having a morale high ground, thus satisfying the internet prone superiority complex.

To not know Savage Organised Barbarian's influence on Grindcore, will trivialise the genre into a trans-atlantic state of play, and disregard some of its key stones. Playing an upbeat Japanese Punk with more aggression and attitude, these guys offer a lively punk filled assault worthy of attention and recognition.

The Japanese have their own answer to Europes Agathocles, but wrapping a serious message of punk ideals with far more fun and youthful vitality then their counterparts. Sometimes bordering on the realms of Noise, and at other times lacking technacility, they make up for it in with catchy riffs and insane vocal work, that is sure to leave a smile on your face.

Although I must confess I have only heard one song, and a number of youtube videos, talent shines of this ragtag collection of Iwate Grinders, mixing absurd word combinations and layered guitarwork, with creative blasting to offer a fresh face to a pure grindcore noise attack. Seriously check these guys out.

These guys are probably are the epitome of what one may call a mental take on Grind, despite their obsession with defecation, excrement alongside their anal stance on copyright (see what I did there!), they do offer a warped take on the genre, playing lively and catchy as hell tunes in a bouncy thrashing stance of repulsionesque loose guitar strings.

With a morbid asphyxiation on violence and death, these kawaii josei  don't play on the stereotypes of the feminine mindset or habits, offering a no holds barred fast and ferocious audio attack in a manner akin to a Bolt Thrower collision with early Insect Warfare.

Entering the realms of Gore-grind,the owners of Obliteration Records are in a band of their own namely Butcher ABC, they spice up the Carcassian blueprint offering a early European death metal contortion to its already grizzly blood laden face.

Offering a fast and drowning noise attack of Cyber Grind and sheer noise, I am certain that this would be the perfect sound to describe the bleak industrial noir of the horrific mind games of Rubber's Lover (Now I definatley have your attention Andrew!), if someone was to record the audio tapes of Unit 731 and pass them through a faulty dial up modem that constantly makes noises, then I think generally you would be able to recreate the intense electric screeching these guys put out.

"CSSO produce the kind of incongruous marriage of ideas you only get from somewhere else. Somewhere not where you are from. Somewhere good."
Cheers Luke for that one! But Yes CSSO are mental (as are most Japanese Grindcore bands to say the least) 
I think perhaps that if one were to take acid, coffee, coke, watch hundreds of z-list gore films, and listen to mental music, one might have a shot at understanding the method behind the obscure genius these guys offer.

Gore Beyond Necropsy
Even such a name doesn't reek of putrefactive gore, then I don't know what does. Pretty much a no brainier, these guys play gore with a sickening sense of humour, but to separate themselves from the goregrinding riff raff, they prong in slabs of rock to dice up their guttural musical secretion.

"they sound like fucking awesome distilled into auditory form." I can certainly vouch this is a accurate description, but for those who want to know more. Mortalized are a fantastical Grindcore band who warp their blasting fury with a thick overcoat of metal, and great fucking metal at that. 

Crazy, Crazy, and even more Crazy, imagine going to your local mental hospital and feeding random pills to all the inmates, and forcing them to play instruments, then record the results, and hey presto you are 15% of the way of imitating what these guys achieve.

Melt Banana
Strictly speaking, these guys are by no means a Grind band, but through a strong musical integration of post-modernism and absurdism, Melt Banana are damn well crazy and noisy enough to be bunched together amongst the Grindcore crowd, hell they even did a split with D.A.!