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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

A blast from the past: a small taste of Boston Hardcore

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“You guys didn’t invent this stuff”. If I had a dollar for every time I heard my parents say that when I did something oh-so rebellious, I’d be able to quit my day job.

But no, really. You guys didn’t invent this shit. Though it may seem that California is the grandfather of all hardcore, its not.

People think “hardcore” and tend to lump punk-sounding bands like Ceremony and Cruel Hand, and base the origins on the popular 70’s and 80’s punk bands Black Flag and Minor Threat.

But while these bands were making history on the west coast, something else was going on in the Northeast. Boston, MA, to be exact.

Nowadays Boston is known for their lively hardcore scene, and many claim that Gang Green is to thank.

Gang Green formed in the early 80’s, with Chris Doherty, Mike Dean, and Bill Manley who were all only 15 years old. The band was on-and-off for the next two decades, but released a handful of pro-alcohol albums. The band-mates followed suit; throughout the years, band mates left and were quickly replaced.

But with the always changing musicians in the band, their theory stayed the same: beer, skateboarding, and sex makes for a good life. Their albums all channeled this rockstar lifestyle, with most of the albums titles including a brew-themed pun: Older… Budweiser (1989), Another Case of Brutality (1997).

Between 1986 and 1989, the band released four full-length albums, two with Taang! Records, and two with Roadrunner Records.

The music has a good mix of current punk-hardcore, and the sweet sound of 80’s rock and roll. The songs are short, and fast paced, and chock-full of gang vocals.

“I’d rather drink than fuck”- Gang Green in a nutshell.