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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Texan Chop Shop (Hatred Surge, Deconstruct, 2009)

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Last night I had a dream that I was standing in the middle of a massive industrial factory. Machines were working tediously all around me while I could hear the grinding of steel and heavy rumble of pumps and levers. The room stretched far as the eye could see and looked as if the walls, floor, and ceiling were made of copper. As I stood there, looking around, a beautiful pale woman appeared from behind the cogwheels wearing only a thorny rose stem used to tie her hair in a loose knot. Her voice then became that of Faiza Kracheni, vocalist of Hatred Surge, but it wasn’t her. Her eyes were closed the whole time as if they were sealed shut and the expression of intense agony on her face was apparent. She explained to me the Deconstruction of the mind, the body, the soul, society, the world, and ultimately, all life. I froze in awe of the sheer force in her tone.

“The world is Out of Balance, Maladjusted to corrupt ways. Harvest until the earth below your feet becomes no more than Dark Circles upon the horizon. Keep believing what you want, but your efforts prove Weightless. Feeding of the gluttonous leaves them with a Big Smile, and causes The Slithering of the rest."

I replied, “I Hate as well as you do, does it make us any different?” I then pleaded with her to spare the lives of humans. She finally agreed to spare humanity on one condition. I was to inform the world of her message through the music of Hatred Surge’s Deconstruct... to spread realization of our true nature through noisy, sludgy, powerviolence. The powerful drumming, catchy guitar and bass work, and male and female vocals (Alex and Faiza) compliment each other in just the right way to make people violently nod their heads in agreement with the primal message of humanity’s eternal destruction and hate. Many seem to think of this band as Insect Warfare's little sister but HS certainly stand on their own and outshine IW in a few aspects. What makes this such a great album is the noisey as fuck production value, which if recorded cleaner would sound less chaotic and powerful. If you want fast Grindy Powerviolence, look no further. Male + Female vocal combinations almost always work out well in PV and Grind and this is no exception, give this record a spin today. “How will I remember this dream?”, I asked the strange naked woman. She replied, “I am the Sleep Terrorizer, this memory will be forever burned into a Skull Cell deep within your head. Keep my message until Infinity.”