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Monday, 14 February 2011

Review of "To Hell With God" by Deicide

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Deicide is back, and the Satanic serpents from Tampa, Florida have unleashed their most brutal release to date, To Hell with God. Although this may sound like a large claim, a proper listen to this album will be enough to suffice the confidence I hold that you shall feel the same way. This speed picks up quickly with the title track To Hell with God. This song is fast as fuck, and the chorus is catchy with the right hint of erratic melody. There is no way to hold back from screaming your bloody balls off when listening to the “TO HELL WITH GOD” chant towards the end of this track. A few songs in comes the epic track Angels in Hell. This track opens up with an assertive catchy riff that is always replaying over and over again after a listen. The shred in this song is fantastic and reminds me of earlier Deicide shred from perhaps the Legion era.
The track directly after Angels of Hell has one of the best titles I believe Deicide has created. This track being entitled Hang in Agony Until You’re Dead. This title almost seems to be a direct stab at a popular topic in Deicide literature, the crucifixion of Christ. This shall set the tone for more of an anti-Christian lyrical theme, which is something Deicide and Glenn Benton (Bassist and Singer of Deicide and Vital Remains) have strived for and excelled in throughout Deicide's metal career. I’m sure that the albums lyrics are going to be pleasing to the mind and to the dark hearts that some of us embrace. When the album is released and if you are fan of the mighty Deicide, I personally suggest you give it some of those, oh so very important pieces of green paper you may hold so dear to your heart.

-Jordan Barsamian