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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Maine is the Bastard!

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For those of you who liked Robocop then you will be pleased to know that the post millennial prince of punk himself has now offers a t-shirt quoting the infamous tag line "Maine is the Bastard" from his beast of a release Robocop II over at Grindcore Karaoke (reviewed here).
To quote his own words:
" My friend Luke Physioc suggested a while back an idea for a Maine is The Bastard shirt. I thought it was fun, but also felt a bit of concern as my jokey lyrics sometimes over-ride the real concerns embedded in them. That, and with a band called "Robocop", I'm often on the wrong side of dumb.
That said, I respect Luke's art (his recent Kaliya album cover is excellent), and he went way out of his way to make something cool for my band. He also emailed Eric Wood for permission and received it, so hopefully my karma's clear on this one.

I should also mention that he made this over the past week while on a tour of duty in Afghanistan. I don't know the situation he's in right now, but I imagine it couldn't have been easy to finish this and send it to me. So this was much appreciated.

Ok, enough preamble. I have two versions of his painted work that I cleaned up in photoshop. I think I'll use the black and white one for the first round of shirts."
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