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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Architects of Death (The Famine, The Architects of Guilt, 2011)

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Texan Death Metallers "The Famine" are here with there debut album The Architects
of Guilt. The album starts with an agressive triplet feel riff that reminds
me of early Lamb of God. This band have a no comprimise, blasting death metal
sound with groove laden tight musicianship. It's clear listening to the album
that the band have a mix of influences new and old taking a mix of old school
Europeon Death metal and new age Death metal which is currently thriving in
the U.S and adding there southern stylings to create there sound. For me Track 5
"Bigger Cages, Longer Chains!" Is a stand out track with a blistering intro with
unrelenting drumming from Mark Garza breaking into riffs reminesent of Devourment and the
southern metal stylings can be heard also showing these Texans are in touch with
there roots! Unfortunatly as the album went on I found the screaming vocals becoming
monotomas and the album failed to grab my attension with its lack of vocal variation.
The album has a lot of overtones of thrash also which would attract fans of such bands
as Carnal Forge making this music very accessable with a lot of variation in the riffs
from song to song, the only problem this creates for me is I find it hard to find the bands
main direction, and for me makes the album less memorable. The production on the album is
great, everything you would come to expect from a modern death metal acts.

This album will appeal to a wide range of death metal/ Deathcore fans and should be checked out!

Josh McMorran