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Monday, 7 February 2011

A Collection of Disgust

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So i'm gonna talk some about a few things that have caught my ear recently, some controversial in grind circles (maybe).

Firstly, INxDISGUST. These San Jose 'True Grind Fucks' have been totally slaying
my delicate ear-canals for a good week now, I can't believe this band aren't more well
known. They play storming, bass-heavy grindcore in the vein of Assuck and Excruciating Terror, with production values on par with 'World Extermination' era Insect Warfare. Short songs, infinite blastbeats and awesome thrash riffs, with a total west coast Cholo HxCx flavour! The 'San Jose Oldies Vol.1' compilation released
through Torture Garden Picture Company covers most of their material, although their most recent (final?) release, a split e.p. with Texan warlords PLF, is not included and is certainly worth your coin, if you can find it (was at one time on the Relapse webstore).

I finally heard the Low Threat Profile l.p.


If you caught my previous post on this band and checked em out, I strongly urge you to follow up your
investigations and get your hands on this, however you can. A slight step up in production has clarified LTP's sound, bringing Andy's vocals to the forefront. The guy sounds like Tom Araya! Lyrically, the record has some stand-out moments. 'My One And Only' is unbelievably up-beat, a love song to the punk lifestyle and playing music, and 'The Product #2' is scathing rhetoric seemingly directed at DeepSix.

Both Low Threat Profile records have been absolutely blinding, I couldn't recommend more.

I think we are seeing the beginnings of true change in the music industry, and both these sites
exemplify this in my mind. I'm sure many of you have already heard of GrindcoreKaraoke, and i'm sure many have downloaded one of the 6 quality grindcore releases on offer.
I will be posting reviews on a few of these releases later this week.

I'm also sure that many of you dislike Hip Hop (although I could be wrong?), but to me
OddFuture is just as awesome and worthy of your attention: quality releases, free to download, pushing the envelope in their respective genres. OddFuture isn't your typical radio-friendly beats, this shit is dark, violent, criminal, funny and certainly not P.C. If your feeling curious, dip your toe and try the water. If you smoke pot, I would doubly recommend you get on this. Don't like it? It's ok, go listen to some nice, safe Death Metal and calm yourself down.

When the best beats, be they blast or otherwise, are being released for free by free thinkers, masterminding their own artwork, videos and 'records', I hope the record companies realise their polishing the brass on the Titanic. And we know where that story ends.