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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

I've Got Two Words For You And They Are(n't) Happy Birthday

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Today is our one year anniversary of being operational conducting half assed reviews and false application of intellect to give the illusion of knowing, which has now drawn a certain number of you to frequent this site. And it is to you visitors (especially commenter's) and artists who contact me I would like to dedicate a special word of thanks to you, for being the constant drive that has allowed me to keep a constant and ever increasing interest or love in what we do here.
Generally such anniversary posts are there to reminisce on what has happened, the funny moments blah blah blah, I will be honest aside from learning shit loads about Grind, and meeting plenty of fantastic people, albeit on the internet, the only practical skill  to be gained from this is better spelling and as you can probably pick up, I am still shit at it, just that little bit less shit though, well there is team managment also I guess, ohh and coding in various languages, maybe this thing hasn't totally been a blackhole of time in my schedule (note to self include on curriculum vitae). And Kudos to my co-authors who accept my autocratic blogging regime, although lets hope in light of recent events they don't get any ideas....

Now for those of you reading this from your rss reader, or blogger dashboard, I highly recommend you mosy on up on to the actual site, for there is a treat waiting for you......
Yes thats right we have a new design, a generally very clutter free design, much thanks to my co-author Luke Oram for helping me greatly in coding the site, only for me to often discard the suggestions I badgered him into implementing, when I decided that I no longer wanted them. Not to mention he has designed our fabulous early Napalm Death style logo which is approximately 812 times better then my slack-jawed Luddite attempt at a Parlamentarisk Sodomi styled one
Although generally I think the community will be divided on the fact that we changed the layout, background and original logo, therefore forfeiting a imposing general malevolent clutter, the new layout looks both more professional and user friendly, so no matter how much any of you kick up a fuss its a permanent change. Also thanks to my good friend Paul who helped me out code some of the shortcomings of the site.

Ok so now let me list the general changes which will hopefully have a far greater degree of permanency than all my other plans.
  • New Site Layout (No Shit Sherlock)
  • Regular posting columns.
  • A new fortnightly comic series, similar to Cyanide and Happiness , but far more disturbing, and from legendary veteran Grinder Topon Das of Fuck the Facts!
  • A number of upcoming exclusive tour diaries from bands, including a guide to touring, for all you novices.
  • Weekly Grinders Digest which has already started over here.
  • A fortnightly battle of the bands, where you vote on which band is the best Grindcore band in the given country. Starting with Japan, so get your argumentative and intellectual hat on!
  • Live footage and interviews.
Sounds pretty cool doesn't it? Well it should do if it doesn't. However the new site layout has caused a number of problems.
  • Displays 0 comments on all posts all the time, even when comments are actually present.
  • For some reason some text in the post is white, but highlighted in black, no idea.
  • For some reason our blog roll has vanished, if your site was orginally on the list, or you know of a site I had on the list let me know.
  • If there are any other problems let me know!