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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Humanity versus Machines, Insects and a Street Sweeper, we are truly screwed!

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Band Info
Insect Warfare are a legendary Grindcore band that hail from Houston Texas, and have over the course of  5 years been perfecting the said genre, with a no holds bar "old school" 90's grindcore that has been fused with some modern grind elements.Sadly even though they perfected Grindcore and had been touring far a field they decided to call it quits in 2009, I don't have any qualms with the band doing so, and wish them well in their ways, but what I do have problems with is the choice of final release! Their final EP Noise Grind Power Death, was more Noisecore than grindcore, however to qoute the band themselves
“The IW “Noise Grind Power Death” noisecore 7” EP is our final release. fuck it, end it on a noise note.” Well I suppose it's better to burn out than to fade away.
However I will not elaborate on their EP we are looking at a very special album, Insect Warfare: World Extermination.

The Review
World Extermination, is a full length released by Insect Warfare in 2007, and it is a grindcore atomic bomb. This album is void of any impurities that may taint or skew grindcore, each track just tears it up, unleashing a tornado of grind. 
The vocals are top rate, completely unintelligible but capture the sound of a futuristic machinations of apocalyptic despair. The guitars are just pure grind, imagine a love child of Brutal Truth and Napalm Death that possesses the best elements of both, and that is the best way to describe the guitars. The riffs and grooves are played in a crunchy down tuned manner, with the occasional catchy riff that batters away at the inside of your skull,  until your brain haemorrhages. True to the statement that this album is true grind, we have the staple blast beat booming away, combined with on occasion the  well placed normal metal drum beat, but the sort that is used in Grindcore all the time. The bass here takes more of a complimentary and atmospheric role, giving the song that sort of asthmatic smog induced groan across the songs, painting this vision of a dystopian industrial dying world.
When you put all these elements together you get this gross manifestation of a noise that physically grabs you by the face and across the course of 22 minutes continues to slam your head with waves of 100% grind. This is album should come with a disclaimers warning that it is no suitable for those with a weak heart condition, its fury  just never ends or wanes, it just builds up on this idea  of bleak desolation without compromising or substituting any element of grindcore. 
If Grindcore ever had its own religion then this would be the album that had everything in its purest form,an analogy/situation of describing this album is, If any one ever asked the question what is Grind in its raw state, or what is Grindcore then this should be the album you  show them, although much like fine wines the pureness of this album can only be recognised by fellow grindaholics, and on this note I end the review.