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Thursday, 5 August 2010

Secondary Spewings of a Fukpig (Fukpig, Belief is the Death of Intelligence 2010)

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Fukpigs debut album Spewings of a Selfish Nation discharged a foul and unique machination of noise, polluting  2009 with its crusty blackened grind and leaving the likes of me anxious for yet another instalment of this morbid and hateful music. To my joy and to the detest of those within 100 metres of me, I sit here blasting out Belief is the Death of Intelligence and am loving every moment of it.

These Brummie Grinders have kept religiously to the form of its predecessor to once again unleash a fistful of abhorrence and rage. In the year past we can see that Fukpig  have not sat by idyll, but have been hard at work refining their dirty ungodly sound.
All lyrics are saturated with profanity and other forms of vile language and this colourful language is coupled with a strong rhetoric which reflects a strong disgust to certain features of our socio-political westernised society, a commendable throwback to the glory days of pre 90's crust-grind.Thrice on the album you get the lyrical and titular punk overkill with the likes of All of you are cunts and I hope you fucking die being perhaps the best example, it pretty is much an example of a lack of creativity and intelligence in Punk, however I am certain Fukpig have done this to give it a more complete Punk feeling, which it does very well and reinforces the whole 100% hatred approach.
Fukpig have adopted more metal customs, not just those specific to black metal ,but those that belong to metal on the whole and not to any specific genre, I did notice a guitar solo on One Nation Under One Eye which heavily reminded me of one of my all time favourite bands Slayer and it is great to see Fukpig bring in more metal to the music without harming the overall ultra crusty as hell feel to it. The vocals are still raw beyond belief and to use a saying from E.N.T the vocals may be seen as "Punker than Punk", just visualise (can you visualise for sound?) the harshest punk vocals you can name, now lets add in the region of 1000 tonnes of Semtex, testosterone and steroids, and this should take us about half way to the crude bedlam of Drunks vocals, seriously his vocals alone are worth getting hold of this album let alone all the other amazing features.
True to Fukpigs infamous slogan "There's only two beats; the blast and the D" you can expect to hear exactly that as Miggs percussion onslaught batters you across all 4 walls of the room you occupy. I can't say that black metal has ever appealed to myself, but Misery and Miggs black metal riffage is a perfect compliment to the crust factor and creates a sound more harsh and brutish than each respective genre. An occasion operatic chime gives a sense of impending doom, only to have a foul mouthed scream to be spat out, with an disharmonious accompaniment  of gritty guitaring and dirty drumming, and this pretty much is how Fukpig execute their music throughout the entirety of the album.
Fukpig  have yet again shown to the world that their bastard breed of Crusty Black Grind is not only an amazing combination, but is greatly more filthy and vulgar than its non so angelic parents. Belief is the Death of Intelligence is ram packed with more hatred, more noise, more punk and more metal than its predecessor and is worthy of being its successor.