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Friday, 6 August 2010

Victim of the Blogger

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So what do you folks think of the new layout? I decided on the spur of the moment that the blog needed a more professional feel to it, instead of a makeshift rag tag assembly. Unfortunately my knowledge of html, java and css is near null so this has been a hair tearing experience, however in its completion it has induced me in a euphoric joy. The task has been greatly slowed down by the fact that I am using a public internet connection which probably every block near me is using, luckily I only have to put up with the cons of bad internet for two weeks and good polish beer easily compensates for such a predisposition. Among some of the new features are as listed:
  • The home page will only display a small segment of the 7 latest articles with a thumbnail of the first picture, all in chronological order, either click the article title or the read more button to bring up the entire article.
  • Complete Aesthetic redesign, it is pretty much a collection of numerous blogs coding and material, which I have then changed the colour of to black, I feel it looks much nicer than before.
  • The recommended post service provided by Outbrain, will now display a thumbnail of a picture of the article, hopefully pictures will incentive people to read more articles instead of dull text.
  • I now have a sharing button, on the homepage it is the standard blogger buzz this, email this etc, however when you enter a post there should more of a selection and laid out more presentable.
  •  The search feature now should present my blog and those on the fellow bloggers widget as the top results then generic google results however it doesn't seem to be functioning now, although I got it to work on my test run, strange hopefully will be sorted.
  • One click away from seeing the posts as rss then subscribing to them.
However now I have created a list of problems, so if any of you are any good at this sort of stuff get in contact with me internecide@gmail.com

  • Static Pages always say read more, when you click on read more it does not display the whole thing, as such static pages are temporarily disabled, I have tried all the fixes on the net but none seem to work, probably doing it wrong.
  • The search bar is kaput 
  • The comment system is way at the bottom of the page after the recommendations, and the share this options, I would like to bump it up above both.
  • Opera browser still has comparability issues nothing new, but a shame otherwise I would use it.
  • So far this it, however any problems either leave a comment or email me @ internecide@gmail.com
Thanks for bearing with me and sorry for not posting, but tinkering instead, however enjoy this video