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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Jig(gumbob) AI(schrolatry)

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Yet again I have opted for an absurd title which will need an explanation, but on the plus side you learn two new words, so not an entire waste of time. A Jigabumbob is a real term for a gadget, whereas Aischrolatry means to worship filth, so by my logic although probably not that of a English language expert I summarize the title to be a gadget that worships filth, obviously the brackets are there so you recognise the fact that I am writting a review on a album by Jig AI.

This self titled Album from 2006 is a absolute Czech masterpiece, hailing from the gore-grind spectrum of grindcore, this blood splattering album is by far my favourite gore-grind album to date, and should rank highly on yours. I have never been really interested in goregrind with the possible exception of early carcass, but this band has certainly resparked my interest into goregrind, prior to listening this I just thought all goregrind bands were absurd lacking musical ability. Now however I know this is not the case, although I do find a majority of them fairly intolerable to listen to.

I prefer to see Prague based Jig-Ai as a concept more than a band, they take it the extra mile to create this violent Japanese style feel to and often in humorous mannerisms as seen in the picture to the right. The title itself is a slight alteration of the Japanese Jigai which means suicide, They use a visual theme of  ero guro, which as seen in the cover is a Japanese form art featuring Females being mutilated. The song titles themselves often make reference to Japan, but usually with a comical sexual or gore orientation.

The album tears out 18 tracks across a half an hour, and does not at any single point fail to deliver the most gruesome and yet humorous of music. The pitch shifting vocals are used all the time, but seem to be extremely well integrated the flow of the music, and really add to the whole Jig AI experience, at times the vocals seem synonymous with what I would imagine cadaveric or guttural fluids sloshing around would sound like. The drumming and guitaring are nothing spectacular nor do they offer anything unique, however who needs that when the songs you write and play are kick ass. The dynamic of the instruments and vocals is absolutely amazing, at no point do you think that the band is ever is dominated by a particular musician, they seem to have the ability to play superfluously together, and that is by far the most fundamental  to create a good album.

With song titles like Extruding Testicles Through Garlic Press  I did question whether they were one of these absurd bands that attempted to outgore the other in every manner possible, luckily by the time you heard the song you realised that it was just another top of the range Jig-AI song.

Sadly according to Encyclopedia Metallum, the drummer has left the band, put  to counter that I do have a piece of good news. The good news is that Jig AI are doing a split with one of my many favourite Polish bands Ass to Mouth, I do hope that even without the drummer they can find someone of equal ability and who shares the same "gruesome Japanese" vision as the previous one. I leave you fellow grinders with a treat, Enjoy!