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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Cogito ergo sum (thedowngoing, I Am Become, 2010)

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Well this has certainly been a eventful last few days for this blog, this time round an artist from the land of Oz, namely Sydney called by the feared locals as thedowngoing have asked me to upload their material.  This duo play a angry Grindcore blasphemy, recorded by Brain Studios the same people who recorded The Dillinger Escape Plan, Mastodon and Genghis Tron. Sadly I can't review them at the moment, as revision prevails, so I will give you their description.

thedowngoing is a 2-piece grind band formed in Sydney, Australia, comprised of Mathias Huxley (vocals, strings, talking feet) and
Andrew "Muzz" Murray (drums).

The debut CD "i am become" was recorded at the Brain Studios Surry Hills and mastered by Alan Douches (The Dillinger Escape Plan, Mastodon, Genghis Tron) at West West Side Music New York, and features 13 tracks of godless-grind.

thedowngoing's aural assault is driven by Huxley's thick, crusty guitar tone, creating a never-ending barrage of riffs, complimented by Murray's frantic drumming, while dark samples offer a rare insight into the chaos as Huxley's caustic vocals spew through the speakers, sitting above the mix.
For fans of Insect Warfare, Agents of Abhorrence, Pig Destroyer, Cellgraft and Kill A Celebrity.

mediafire link includes mp3s @ 320 kbps, id tags & packaging photos in a .rar file.

For More information:

Artist: thedowngoing
Album: i am become
Year: 2010
Country: Australia
Genre: Grindcore

Track Listing:
01 iambecome
02 thedenial
03 utterrepulsion
04 wwmjd?
05 cutinhalf
06 sunkendeep
07 dripping
08 29:23
09 emptycircuit
10 thusspoke
11 part II
12 motionless
13 stonebaby

Running time: 15:32

Kind Regards

mathias Huxley