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Saturday, 1 May 2010

Must.Make.Watches! and Kill People (Watchmaker, Kill.Fucking.Everyone, 2003)

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Watchmaker is angry Music for angry people, it is the sort of music that is fueled by hatred and vomits forth even more hatred. Lurking in the depths of Boston, this jigsaw of thrash, black, death metals and Grindcore have really captured the essence of extreme metal, and pushed it further into the dark end of the musical spectrum.
To those of you who have seen Event Horizon (if you haven't check it out ASAP!, warning spoiler alert), there is one important part of the plot they left out: the Event Horizon brought back from hell this album.
Before I even touch on the canorous side of this release let us take a little verbal appreciation of the album art itself. The design looks impressive, the skulls on the guns are what you notice straight away, and they look good, and after staring for a little longer you notice that those circles are in fact pentagrams, from what you thought might of been a death metal or Grindcore release has subtly incorporated a stereotypical aesthetic feature from black metal. Then you notice the cloud on the top right, and you think to yourself "hang on is that a cloud or is that someone who has smudged blood?" couple that with the barbed wire, and you have an album art which is fully immersive, and already sets the scene for the odium of audio catalepsy that will take place.

 I personally hard to pinpoint an accurate description, on this album, and even though I have done a lot looking on the interwebs, and it seems to have confused me even more than I was to start off with. So I will try to detangle this mess, however I am still very much an amateur so please forgive my short comings. I would classify this as  the spirit and essence of Reign in Blood, however with more energy. Alongside, thrashers Slayer, there is also fellow thrashers Kreator element in the drumming and guitaring, more 90's than 80's Kreator.
 Infused with thrash metal, is a raw black metal atmosphere in the form of vocals and occasional riffing, and lastly ,but not least a fundamental musical architecture of death metal. Somehow or other all this create some furious and ferocious Grindcore.
On the Internet this release has been assigned by fans as a really heavy release, and let me tell you the words do no justice in describing how true it really is. The Percussion is really in the foreground, and along with the screaming are the main battering ram to the ear drums. Juxtaposing the intensely fast and well co-ordinated drumming, with the long high pitched screaming adds to this hellbent clash of man and music. To those not accustomed to Metal, or the less audio observant it may sound like a incomprehensible mess, but in the background is quite impressive riffing  and shredding, much akin to thrash metal and some older death metal. At some parts the strings to step up to the challenge and enter the foreground, and leave with as much grace as they entered. This I personally can't decipher the husky black metal styled vocals except for the occasional "I will kill you!", put all these instrumental and vocal elements together and you get yourself one hateful release. The production value is not the best, but nor is it shit, however I think it really adds another element to this monstrosity of a release.

This album is an absolute ingenious machination, full of demonic and infernal music, this release goes well beyond a good release. By pooling together the very essence in each sub-genre and still making the music sound as good as their source, is a mammoth of a task, yet Watchmaker succeed at doing so, and pull it off to a perfect Magnum Opus. A well deserved pat on the back.
Grind Out
Rating 90/100

Side Note: Sorry for the long wait between posting and general decline in quality and length of posts, education takes priority at the moment. Over the next 4 weeks my posting will be infrequent, however once they are gone, I will be back in full swing. Also I will hopefully be bringing another author to this Blog in the next few weeks, he is rooted in NWOBHM, but does like some of his Grindcore and Death metal. Hopefully his English Degree will compliment his passion for music well, and that he will be a good addition to this Blog. 
Cheers for reading