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Thursday, 22 April 2010

Obssessive Grindcore Compulsion (Mesrine, Obssessive Compulsive, 2010)

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Mesrine are a death metal styled Grindcore act who hail from the idyllic backdrop of Quebec, but punish the Franco-Canadian outset with a bomb of dirty and loud noise raging across it. Much like many death metal acts, Mesrine take their name after an infamous criminal who's exploits reached both sides of the Atlantic. These late 90's grinders have an impressive roster of albums and split releases. Band's they have done releases with include ROT, Epitome, Dahmer and Fuck the Facts. This band is no longer the new kids on the block band I mistook them for prior to releasing that I actually own their split with Fuck the Facts.
Across 41 tracks totaling 38 minutes, we have a nice blend of short and long songs,and have sufficient album length to satisfy any thirst without having to change C.D, or choose another digital album to play.  This release reminds me alot Leng Tche, it has all the elements that are required for Grindcore but fails to produce a sound that is en par in terms of "Heaviness" with other Grindcore releases. Leaving this comment as it is will be an unfair comment to the band and the quality of the release, so instead I will just say that although it is not as heavy as Grindcore it is certainly heavier than Death metal, so it may be seem as an interim between the two.
Throughout Obsessive Compulsive at the beginning of the songs I hear the Napalm Death heavily down tuned slow paced grind from Scum. This is a nice blast from the past for me, it has been something which I have not heard in a while, and was very welcome.
 The guitars are good and the general flow of the album is quite nice, now however I march into my list of criticisms.  Firstly although for the most part the vocals are pretty top notch, they for some reason that baffles me add in  deathcore vocals, and seem to use these repeatedly to pad out the songs, and I beleive if they trimmed this undesirable taint, the release would be of significantly higher quality. My rant aside, I personally would of upped the volume of drums, you do have to strain to hear the blast beat, the drumming is beyond mediocre and sadly the album only at small parts reflects this however on the compulsive arguer in me also suggests that the guitar is good and by putting that on the focus and not the bread and butter of Grindcore: the blast beat you have a release that is not generic and easily identifiable.
 Perhaps my criticism was harsh, however it is slightly frustrating hearing something that is so close to be a very impressive piece of music, only to hear them bring in something so detested. All in all this release isn't bad and is highly audible, I certainly would recommend it  for those who like their old school Grindcore with heavy death metal overtones (and a tad of Deathcore), at the end of the day 99/100 your innovations will be shit, but you might make that 1/100 which will change music forever. Perhaps I am lagging behind is Deathcore the post-Grindcore? Don't get me wrong I like some Deathcore like Oceano (well thats really about it), however I still think Grindcore is where it is at.
Grind Out
Rating 57/100
(This is what I want to hear!)