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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

You have just been Napalmed (Rotten Sound - Napalm EP 2010)

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Just got my copy of Rotten Sound's Napalm Ep 2 days ago. I love Rotten Sound, and I love Napalm Death even more, both are Behemoths of the Grindcore genre, Rotten Sound hailing from the Finnish city of Vaasa, and Napalm Death from Brum. I could hardly contain myself, I was first introduced to Rotten Sound through their Exit album back in 2005/2006 and loved it, and it still is my favourite release of theirs so far, although can the Napalm Ep beat the Grinding Masterpeice of Exit?
The Cover art itself looks very early Napalm Death like, I believe it is meant to be an  adaptation of the infamous Scum album art, more compacted and more demonic like. I certainly like the cover of it, and believe the artistic depiction breaks away from the politcal centric themes in Napalm Death, to a shift of a more Rotten Sound visual projection of violence and horror.
This release has 6 songs on it, 3 of which are covers of Napalm Death, and the last remaining 3 are new Rotten Sound songs, I am hoping they are a taster for a new album to come.
This release is good through and through, Rotten Sound have done a very good job at transforming the Napalm Death songs into their own, perhaps for the die-hard Napalm Death fan, this release will not be loved.
Aside from the lyrics it doesn't sound too similar to the original Napalm Death at all, it is a tad more accelerated in my opinion, Suffer the Children seems to be about 40 seconds shorter than the original release. The guitars are the fundamental difference to the songs, I can't describe the difference well, but Napalm Death have a more clear cut, but at the same time have a little fuzz at the end, whereas the Rotten Sound version seems more electrical and the movement from chords more fluid. The 3 Rotten Sound songs, have titles that are typical for both Napalm Death and Rotten Sound releases, and are your typical Rotten Sound like songs. As per usual Rotten Sound releases, the vocals are the predominant driving force within the music, the instruments are in the backdrop but not neglected. The uniformity of the instruments is pretty impressive, and they collaborate a pure Grindcore sound with an equal balance of Metal and Hardcore in my opinion.
To collectors and fans of Napalm Death and/or Rotten Sound this is a must have release. If you don't like Napalm Death, but like Rotten Sound then this is a must have as it is more Rotten Sound than N.D. However if you like Napalm Death and dislike Rotten Sound, then you still should get this EP, it is a testament to the far reaching legacy of the God's of Grind, Napalm Death. If you like both Napalm Death and Rotten Sound, then get your ass in gear and get this release pronto.
Rating: 72/100
(Would be higher, but 6 songs for 11 mins is too short even for Grindcore as a release, I know it is an EP, but I have cast my judgement, they have left me wanting more , but cant satisfy my hunger)
(Not on the release, but an amazing cover non the less)