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Saturday, 3 April 2010

Weird and Wonderful: It is just a real one

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 I saw the self assigned tag, of Dance Grind, I decided that this band was either going to be really good or terrible. I have no love for Dance music, but I thought if like Ultra Vomit who used the tag of pop among others(read my review here), then this could be another humorous release I can add to my collection. So before getting the release I thought I would do a bit of research before acquiring this release. When I released that all bar 1 of the band members belonged to a band called Mincing Fury and Guttural Clamour of Queer Decay, I just had to get it. Although I have never heard of them the fact they were a Mincecore bands, and they had done a split with Fuck the Facts, which I was ashamed of not knowing about, I decided to get myself a bit of Spineless Fuckers and Mincing Fury and Guttural Clamour of Queer. On a  side note, after searching google, I don't think anyone else has reviewed this album yet.
It Is Just a Real One  is not like your typical grindcore releases, similar to fellow Czech grinders Jig Ai (I did a review here) they have decided to go against the established Grindcore path and have opted to have a go on their own take on the genre.
The intro and second track use a Cello as  the predominant sound, playing some manner of depressive discordant but professional classical, and from there they backdrop the grindcore elements, and  they really do fuse this sort of sound well to create this eerines to the music. The cello makes many other appearances throughout the album. They mix a good combination of micro songs and long songs, long for grindcore in any case. The use of vocals is highly varied, and this also holds true for the instruments, going for high level of variance from heavy, to catchy, normal and even I think somewhat groovy. The use of a short blast beat is often throughout all their songs and never blast beat for a length longer than 4 seconds per blast beat session without a pause.
The use of audio samples of what I guess are old Czech show/films/radio excerpts are common throughout their songs, being able to speak Polish, I was able to understand some of it, being from the Slavic side of languages, however not enough to fully comprehend what it was about. Much like Brujeria, not singing English I thinks add that extra depth to their songs and gives it very much that unique character. In my opinion they are heavily influenced by fellow country men Jig Ai and Pigsty, and addition to this I think there use of the very Czech artistic characteristic of dark and morbid satire plays a fundamental role in their music. I was expecting some level of Mincemania, however there was none, but I was not disappointed. They seem to be one of those bands that are in it more for the fun than fame, and it seems to have paid off. They do seem really talented and bring something good to the scene which is why I think this whacky album is really good and add a new sort of humour to the grindcore genre, this release most certainly has been fun to listen to. There is a high level of Deathcore in it, however the basic grindcore ingredients are there, it is only really one set of frequently used vocals that are Deathcore like, however I do think they compliment the music more than degrade. I know this review is short, but it's one of those one's that are best listened to than explained.
Rating: 80/100
(No Video Today :( all those I could find where from previous releases that were to Deathcore for me)