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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Spreading the Dis-Ease: Nothing More To Eat, Eat'n, 2010

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 Nothing More To Eat are a 5 piece extreme metal outfit from Helsinki,  their 2010 release EAT''N  is not only album about music, but a reflection on the metal youth, so those of you who were alive when the likes of Scum was around then please go back to your retirement community, or prepare to be baffled and perplexed.
With references to the infamous Crab People and Giant Octopuses and Zombies (and Crackwhore Zombies), this youthful and energetic music is meant for those of us where 6am is still party time. Generally this release has numerous Grindcore qualities, but cemented in are many borrowings from Deathcore and Thrash, so strictly speaking this is not a pure grind release but I cannot deny the elements are all well placed and give the release a nice sound.
Highly Recommended for those of you who wish to hear a fresh well rounded release, but not for those who a confined to musical purity. Even if you are of the latter side of the camp, it doesn't matter it is free right here, right now, who knows you may like it.