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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Debellatio of Man(Defeatist, Sixth Extinction 2010)

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It's not everyday that you are greeted with an animalistic screams of agony and despair, whilst instrumental harbingers of war drum up a bellicose herald of the next large extinction event. That is unless you listen to New Yorks finest: Defeatist. Whether or not they take their name from one of Lenin's more absurd propositions or the more general use is a non-issue, all you have to appreciate is that these guys are hell bent beyond belief.
Screams, screams and even more screams, in fact so many screams you might just find yourself believing that you are in fact a fixture in hell. However in the background of this constant heinous shrieking a pyrrhic battle rages between strings and percussion, with the battlefield being your ear drum. Both are executed with such great awe and professionally, whilst maintaining almost legendary consistency, which has resulted in even the best of us faltering and momentarily falsely attributing it to an illusion of noise, because this is one great boisterous racket. Boxing in Noise, Pain, Frustration, Death and anything else equally negative, Defeatist  release this all as a incendiary cluster bomb of violent noise detonated over a web of extra strength Grindcore. Brief interludes of silence or near silence are merely a representation of the delay between pressing the trigger and the when they let all hell breaks loose, in all its twisted glory.
This album is an unforgiving and menacing skull fuck of Noise mutated Grind, time-signatures are ignored as Defeatist run rampant on a biocide spree fuelled by both blood lust and a general odium to mankind. Take part in the demise of man, and get your copy now!