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Sunday, 5 December 2010

UnrEPenting (Phobia, Unrelenting 2010)

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Although Phobia felt fit to release a certain questionable release on us and taint there stellar reputation, they certainly have made amendments releasing some killer splits including one with Gadget and another with Extinction of Mankind. So initially I didn't know what to expect from their new EP Unrelenting, was it to be hereditary continuation of their progress, en par with the splits or perhaps a stumble back to the 2008 bastard child of 22 Random Acts of Violence.
Well I am pleased to announce, this without a doubt is Phobia in its fleshed out crusty Grindcore form, with pulses of metal splattering out intermittently like a  severed jugular as screams of agony and despair are bellowed in  a d-beat triumph heralding a policy of punk scorched earth.
Brooding in Orange County these punker than you Grinders, backlash against contemporary socio-politics with a hammer of punk rhetoric sustained in a handle of blasting percussion and rampant riffing.
These guys don't waste any time crushing seventeen songs in fifteen minutes, niceties are stripped to  a primitive alloy of metal and punk, whose appearance is a crusty writhing mass of belligerence and ultra punk rhetoric.
Not their best release, but not far from it, packing quite the crust punch it will certainly satisfy the inner punk whose choice of poison happens to be the highly toxic Grindcore. The second song Rehashed  does exactly as it suggests bringing back Phobia in its all scarred and bloody glory waving the Grindcore flag atop a mass of false punks, of which is a reoccurring subject matter epitomised best in the screaming lyrical backlash "If you used to be Punk, Then you never were". Even for those who don't care about the articulate and somewhat foul mouthed rhetoric, will certainly be whooed over by the unrelenting (see what I did there!) tirade of crusty grind d-beating fury that is sure to spawn a few spinal chord injuries here and there, be sure to put this on your Christmas list lads and ladettes we have ourselves one killer Phobia release!