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Sunday, 26 December 2010

Time to Grind: 2010 Style

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I did start to  prepare a explosive and lengthy rant about the pros and cons of 2010, and my general observation of trends and how I think they will pan out, but no one cares for that right now and also I have too little time to finish it off, all people want to do is know what you choose for the best releases of 2010, so they can either moan/compliment about your selection or just download it, so they can still claim to have knowledge of the band in 2010. So here are my choices

All your Punxs belong to us! Punky Powerviolence overdose duo Sidetracked and Hummingbird of Death tear your head off with their ultra fast and sometimes slow angry punk vibe, short but enough to get your punk on!

This tag team of hardcore veteran Brazilian metal punkers and Spains very own meat is murder grinder legends, offer a combo move attack of crossover and Grind, with each others final tracks being a cover of the other band. Both bands have a lot to moan about, and will gear up in the inner activist in you, providing of course you understand the lingo and can decipher rampant screaming. It does have the general effect of drumming up a sense of both militancy and urgency in you, so be sure not to listen to it anywhere near society, or you might find yourself confused as a mad animal rights terrorist. Best listened to eating gluttonous amounts of bacon, and supporting populist political parties.

9. Infanticide - From Our Cold Dead Hands
We all know that at least one Swedish band, must make the list its in the Lexus inscriptum Grindcores.  Infanticide are  a dragged out 21st century Terrorizer the way they should of been. Smashing your face with a hockey stick whilst raging to a tune of accelerated anger and aggression,you get the message that these guys are pissed, really pissed, really fucking pissed, god knows what, probably your kids who kicked the football one time to many into their garden, either way we have another I hate Mondays on our hands, unless these guys keep channeling that rage into 1's and 0's.

8. Fleshgod Apocalypse - Mafia EP
These guys deserve a medal for innovation, connecting brutal death metal with an almost operatic classical composition is no easy task, let alone pulling it off in a way that feels more natural than mankinds need to poke things that they haven't seen before. These guys create an epic atmosphere I can never say I have witnessed in music before, although only hitting the 5 song mark, I can guarantee the repeat button will be on the moment you hear this one through.

7. In Disgust / Pretty Little Flower
This gem, has brought together two of my favourite Artist finds of 2010, every moment is packed choc a bloc with the Gulf Coasts tag teams take on Grindcore, bringing a thrashing  and head banging tribute to violence and hate in a true crushing  Grindcore fashion. Fuck your Eardrums this shit is made to be played as loud as it gets!
P.S Geography aside anyone else getting a Insect Warfare musical vibe from P.L.F?

6. Archagathus - Mincecore Fever
Anthologies might be cheating when it comes down to compiling best of lists, but I don't care this is one release every Mincing fan boy needs to have. Canada's Prince of Mince accomplishments are all on here, and this
anthology shows every reason why Archagathus is better than their mincefathers Agathocles. Raw and primitive as hell and politically grounded in true retro-grind, but you have to love the crude musical approach of Archagathus & Co.

5. Fukpig - Belief is the Death of Intelligence
A bastard breed of black metal and crusty as fuck punk come together in a foul and hateful nightmare, there is nothing you can take comfort from in this release, it plays on all negative emotions and creates a sense of despair, just how I like to begin my day. I challenge anyone of you to find a more foul and filthy voice out there, these guys make their parents black metal and crust punk look like little girls in respect to how heavy this is.

4. Hayaino Daisuki - Invincible Gate Mind of the Infernal Fire Hell… Or Did You Mean Hawaii Daisuki?
It would appear that Mr.Chang has the Midas touch when it comes down to music. This time round he brings this thrashtastic ode- to all thing Japanese, in a style akin to taking a caffeine and acid overdose, with plenty of catchy hooks and vocals that quite literally scream in an imperative feminine format. There is something quite harmonious about this all that gives it a vibrant sort of energy rarely seen in bands.

3. Kill the Client - Set for Extinction
So it would appear that Extinction is the theme of choice for Grindcore these days. Every single Kill the Client lover out there, was put in the same dilemma when this came out, does this top Cleptocracy?
After many a sleepless night, I have decided it does just only beat Cleptocracy preferentially but not in terms in heaviness. Either which way you look at it, they have maintained a great consistency of quality in every release, and still play heavily on the Texan style of shotgun to the face Grind, and can now be confirmed in league with the greats.

2. Defeatist - Sixth Extinction
This is Noise Grind in a fucking nihilistic we are all decaying and going to die slowly and painfully outfit, these guys know how to create a racket in style. I can't stress enough what a great album this is, and although there exists plenty of criticism as to the vocal range, I am slowly being brought over to the idea, that his manic hellish screams are the only ones I can think of that really do justice to the destructive and demise preaching approach these guys vent out with great vengeance. If ever man was to become extinct, I can't think of a better album than this to depict it.

1.Suffering Mind - Suffering Mind
Polands greatest headache certainly deserve the number one spot this year, Suffering Mind have answered there true calling and released one of the greatest albums known to man.Each song is crafted as a separate masterpiece, with legendary dynamics between tempo, instruments and approach. Playing flawlessly true Grindcore using every single which way it has evolved to create a "summary sound" to everything great about Grindcore.  But the nature of this album goes much deeper than its musical manipulations, for Suffering Mind this LP is not merely a conjecture of sound they desire, but represents a manifesto of their ideologies and beliefs, which they transpose into a screaming sermon using a plethora of fantastically conceived arguments and reasoning. If however the message doesn't float your boat, then fear not as aforementioned the music itself is a flawless and dynamic execution of everything we look for in Grindcore, and to highlight this I know inform you that despite having this release since November I have racked up 27 hours of playtime, and its only 19 minutes long, obsessive much?