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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Great Expectations (Dawn of Chaos, Promo 2010)

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Death Metal on live recordings and lo fi quality is something I tend to be quite apprehensive about, technical moments and finer interjections can sometimes be lost and masked amongst the static low end flurry of buzzing, and thus not giving an accurate depiction as to what the band has to offer. However in Dawn of Chaos' promo they have just enough clarity in the promo to highlight effectively their considerable skills, and quite considerable they are.
That is not to suggest that they offer anything ground breaking or genre shattering, they merely play a myriad of death metal styles in a very professional execution; one could suggest they play it as an umbrella term, furthermore they somehow manage to smash together these various styles in manner that offers considerable integrity and a nice superflous flow from one style to the next. Some moments feel like a frantic axe wielding zombie survival horror, with others seeming more demonic and blasphemic, to an occasional old school Swedish Death Metal prangs. The release although short (what do you expect from a Promo, hell at least its longer than 90% of those grindcore releases you listen to! silly boy) really offers quite a lot, and I can honestly say hand on heart that they really do employ plenty of varying techniques to make for the most part non of the passages sound the same or similar. The only thing left to be desired is a decent audio quality recording quality, which I am sure will come in time. I certainly will be keeping an eye on this band.