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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Grinders Digest

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  • Perhaps I am slow on the uptake, but Brutal Truth are also recording a new album for 2011, well actually it has already been recorded, and the title for the release is "End Time", due this Summer. (source)
  • Grincore Karaoke has released yet another set of fantastic releases, this time round from Inerds and Cloud Rat here
  • TLAL has released Sidetracked's Uniformed 7" available here
  • G&P's Grindcore Alphabet has reached letter K (here)
  • Not really music related news in the purest sense, but google video willl be closing down and all its content with it, in favour of having youtube as googles only video service, you are now able to download and transfer all google videos to youtube. (source)
  • This tickled my humour and is typical of google genius yet comical tactics, youtube users who upload copyrighted material and are caught on it, have to watch an educational video and pass a quiz on the subject of copyright, before being allowed to upload again! (source)
  • HMV have been given support suprisingly by the record label industry offering to cut the costs of supply in order to throw a lifeline to the dying industry behemoth, (source)
  • Suprisingly the EU has hired a former record Industry representative, with the task of a a new music copyright, as for the direction he is likely to go is unclear at the time being (source)
  • L Dram is missing in action, but known to be pondering if readers will ever understand this whole L Dram scenario's.
  • Random Fact: Consumption of TNT turns urine amber or deep red, which people often mistake for blood.