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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Play Fast and Lot's of Noise (Cogs and Sprockets, Arms for the Poor, 2011)

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With thousands of media and cultural impression of Las Vegas on any given individual, we more or less all know it to be a flashing neon hub of  idolised excessive vice of industrial proportions amongst the vast bleak and harsh desert of the Mojave, Las Vegas never sleeps, life there is fast, loud, hectic and sinful.
Transposing this Vegas experience is its very own native Cog's and Sprockets, who offer's a one man music crash course into the world of sleaze economics in a relentlessly fast paced noisy sonic abuse.
Racking up a grand total of 2 and half minutes, this little release sure does pack quite the punch, it noisecore twanging and hissing is non stop, and progresses in such a fashion you might very well think the entirety of the EP is in fact just one song. Quite on the short side of things, I hear you say, maybe so, but subjecting myself this to this certainly left a rattling noise in my ear, of which repeated loud listening to I am sure will subject you to some level of damaged hearing.
The cover itself being a grey scale reality of the growing homelessness problem in Nevada, which has spawned the infamous Cardboard City, and an uncanny vegas reference with the site to purchase their merchandise being Waste Your Earnings. Instant inspiration is once again the infamous Agoraphobic Nosebleed approach this time round with a lo fi production value and I am not quite sure if thats a drum machine playing fast human pace percussion, or just an actual person playing the drums, too lo fi to tell.
There isn't really much one can say with 2 minutes and 30 seconds of material, other than its loud and humanely fast, and best of all its free on Grindcore Karaoke!