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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

A Feat of Extreme Technicality (Obscura, Omnivium, 2011)

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In a world of extreme technical competition amid a myriad of diverse Metal bands, those who prevail become masters of the art. This is exactly what German Death Metal band Obscura have done. With their latest release Omnivium, these lads have deemed themselves the almighty authority of technical assault. The super group lineup of this powerful mass of musicians is a force to be reckoned with indeed. On all of the bands previous releases (Retribution 2006, Cosmogenesis 2009) the supremacy of skill behind the instruments involved created a feeling of impossibility in terms to the realm of comparison or progression. However with the release of Omnivium, this feat has been surpassed. “Feat” (Definition: a remarkable act or achievement involving courage, skill, or strength) being the perfect keyword to describe the all around musicianship on this album. The review style that I have thus far enacted upon is not fitting to this type of album due to the fact that there is much to exemplify and would create one tiring read. Therefore, I have decided to speak upon the album as a whole and exploit the key elements within the album that which deserve massive praise.

Songwriting and song structure can be lost within the most technical of works in today’s monarchy of extreme bands. With Omnivium, Obscura have not only perfected the songwriting and structural integrity of this genre, but they have exemplified upon it. In regard to the overall tone of the instruments and resonance that is emitted through said instruments, the sound is smooth and vibrant. Within the previous albums by this band tone has been something that is one of the strong points, and this album demonstrates similar strength. The guitarwork is a forceful assault on its own, the riffs are catchy, the melodies are spine chilling, and the solos are incomparable to all analogous others. In observance to the vocals and lyrical themes much is to be said. The vocals on this album emulate the melodies that the guitars emit with great triumph and yet are screamed and growled with raw, insane power.

All around this album may not be to the critical among us, the “most technical” or “heaviest” album of all time, but due to the excessively talented and perfected musicianship that is shown through the compositions within, this work of technical art will be locked in the death metal catacombs as one of the most triumphant of its kind to rape the ears of the meek among us.