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Friday, 5 November 2010

D-Beat Worship (Bloody Phoenix, Death to Everyone 2010)

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You really must be one hell-bent bunch packed with a gross excess of aggression to call your album Death to Everyone, remember everyone includes yourself and your poor mother who carried your kick boxing fetus around for 9 months. However to tell the truth we expect this sort of behaviour from the same man who brought us a chilling and abrasive Grindcore straight out of California known simply as Excruciating Terror. However Jerry Flores current band Bloody Phoenix are a d-beat incarnate of a Excruciating Terror lite, offering a combination of primitive grind chucked in a blender with D-beat masters Discharge.
Death to Everyone, is certainly in the realms of the filthy punks and in the long haired layabouts of early Grind and offers a well rounded fusion of the two and has really captured the nitty gritty feel of the underground music scene of the 80's. Although Bloody Phoenix  are the best d-beating grinders out there (if you can recommend any let me know) I feel that Death to Everyone lacks the clout that really defines Grindcore, it seems to me they are one element short of a out of this world release, it is something that War, Hate & Misery had but seems to be lacking in Death to Everyone sadly its something I can't point my finger at.  Either way this is one kick ass release recommended for fans of D-beat and Grind alike, just not their best release.