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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Screaming Headache (Suffering Mind, Suffering Mind 2010)

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To declare you objective as to "Grind against Humanity", offer well constructed quasi nihilistic existentialist arguments, and outwit with complete sincerity the smartest man in Grind you certainly take the role of a Grindcore band more seriously than the lets make a noise crowd. Suffering Mind, are amongst the brightest minds in the genre, add that to their schizoid musical approach and we have a band who combine a riveting vocal  ear bashing with a killer slice 'n' dice crusty right hook.
These guys are the embodiment of what early Grind was, with a supererogatory of  lyrics and crust these guys out-grind the founding fathers at every level, for these politically charged critics early-grind has neither stagnated nor decayed, they have upped the ante of the old school, bringing back glory to the roots of the genre.
Forget your Agathocles, forget your Napalm Death, these old timers have only become machines of a pre-fabricated response, they have never taken the time to sit down and answer the most pertinent question being Why?, Suffering Mind take their lyrical concept a step above and try to give reasoning to punk perceived injustices, with a myriad of out of the blue ideas they thread together to give substance to their conviction, and I most admit they are pretty sound and eye opening, I highly recommend checking out their Hydra system idea, once again here, which also has a song dedicated to it on this beast of self titled LP.
Lashing out in her native language; Polish, Ulka creates a sound of urgency only to have in a matter of moments her flip the table and release an inner beast wreak havoc on her vocal chords.
Making use of slow and fast time signatures they seamlessly shift from one catchy riff to another and have in true old school style have a blast beat tear up any moments that you may have actually felt peaceful. All instrumental parts are executed fantastically well and with a clear cut production value the brilliance of their musicianship shines through. The music on the whole seems like an going battle with the more profound "power riff" accompanied with a potent vocal face searing against a frantic blast beat overload and short and loud bursts of screams, this contrasting musical approaches collide together frequently and do so with much grace and decibels.
Clocking in at 18 minutes, these Polish grinders trample underfoot the two and half decade long list of achievements by the titans of the genre,  this self-titled LP is the only introduction people need to the genre. Aside from literally bursting with purified Grind, Suffering Mind have brought all that is good from the old, casting away its now defunct and decrepit traits and fashioned the trimmings in such a way that it competes with some of the greatest stuff out there old and new, this is certainly one of the best albums of the year if not the best, if you don't have it then I pity you for this LP is definitely one to have.

(Track 3 and 4 are from the LP)